Monday, March 31, 2014

Takusan Photos and a Golden Reunion

Beautiful Scenery

Nagano Branch Building
Road Trip to Karuizowa

New Camera!!!! Back in blue and ready to roll. I hope you enjoyed all the photos I've sent today, there are plenty more and a few videos as well that will hopefully get to y'all at a later date. For now I am thankful that I am whole again as not having a camera for me was like not having part of my personality and character with me. Thank you to Mom, Dad, and Grandma for making this all possible! I will try to send at least 2 photos every week I can, like before.

  So last week I got to see all of my MTC buds again! We went all the way to Nagoya for trainer's training. You have seen them all in my Bean video and past photos, we've all changed, grown, and in some cases shrunk, a lot since being here in just 6 weeks. It was like a little family reunion. Some of my MTC Dai Sempai were there too! It was great to see them again. Also, Shimai and I even still have the Nihao thing going on haha.

   Back in good ole Nagano, things have warmed up a bit and the snow is gone. TuAkoi Choro and I have been having takusan crazy adventures like singing hallelujah at a gospel club and taking the wrong train, and meeting crazy people, crashing bikes, and so much more. We continue to find and teach as we work harder and enjoy the craziness that we find all along the way.

Nagano Branch Activity

Tuakoi Choro at Nagano Branch Activity

   We even had a super awesome Branch Activity. It reminded me of the ward activities back home. Everyone came together and cooked and played with the kids and we even taught a new investigator that came. The next day, Sunday, we had a linger longer after church or Shokujikai as its called. We have one every month and everybody brings good food. So much fun! The youth also just had Youth Conference! In March because of school break, man I love youth conference, good times. It looks like they all had fun there.

   Well the Scripture I'd like to leave you with is the one I thought of when I saw my brethren and sisters in Nagoya, Alma 17:1 to 3 when Alma and his brethren meet after a long time of hard Dendou. They had all grown in mind and in spirit. Oh the joys of missionary work! I encourage everyone to do the work and rejoice in it.

Love my blue camera, love you all much more,
Cullen E. Watkins Choro

We dug all that out from under 5 ft of snow my first week!

Gospel Singing Club! We sang "Oh Happy Day" and gave glory!

New official name tags! Japanese and English together.

That makes 6 name tags!

Power Rangers and Kamen Rider things!

Road Trip to Karuizowa

Road Trip to Karuizowa
Agito Lock Seed

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