Monday, April 7, 2014

It's Gonna be A Party!

     Olympic Torch 1998

     Olympics 1998

Hi all!

  Yesterday we had an awesome day at church! Two young investigators came so we went with them to the Youth Sunday School class. That brought back some good memories and it was really cool. It was testimony meeting too and a lot of people shared their testimonies, including a little girl from primary, I haven't seen that in a long time. Also I forgot to mention last week all 4 of us were invited to teach sharing time in primary. That was fun! Even though our object lesson was not exactly how we pictured it. haha

    We continue to have good times and also challenges. I got to be Senior Companion for a day on another Kokan, that was a little challenging but tons of fun as kokans tend to be. The next day we got up an hour early so we could catch the train to Matsumoto for Zone Training Meeting. ZTM is always great because I get to see a lot of missionary friends from around the zone. And then we all eat at a ramen restaurant and take a long train back. I was beat after all that! ha.

   This Saturday we will head down there for another adventure as we have General Conference! Yay! I'm so excited to hear the words of the prophet! Even if its a week late because of translation haha. We previewed a couple of talks this morning, so cool. And we will be having a big sleep over with all the Choro tachi there too and we will go on more dendo adventures. Pretty Exciting.

  Well I encourage you all to check out what the Prophets have to say for today. I know and have a testimony that the Lord has guided them to say what they say to help us be better servants. I think one of the things I'm really learning is just to try to always help everyone and make that a focus in our lives.

I love you all and pray for each of you! And if anyone knows what day Easter is please let me know! Happy Easter whenever it is!

Love y'all,
ワトキンズ 長老
Basketball dendo!

Me emailing y'all. hi!

Heart Attack!!

Church Rocks!!

My companion played with the rangers! haha

Church Rocks!!

Nielson Shimai as a test subject for the awesome colors on my new camera.

Eikaiwa sign
Nielson Shimai again.

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