Monday, March 24, 2014

I is 2!

Its been 6 weeks! Transfer 1 is done, on to transfer 2. Nothing changed in Nagano though, but we continue to be the very best like no one ever was.

   Last week we had Zone Taikai (Zone Conference) so we went to Matsumoto Branch for the day to hear training from Yamashita Kaicho and Yamashita Shimai along with our missionary leaders. I love the Yamashitas, if I didn't mention this before. They are full of wisdom, peace, and a love for us and the Lord. They are truly golden. They are fun and happy too. I am so blessed to have them for Mission President and Mission Mother, as I like to put it.

   We met many interesting People this week. One of them was an older man from Great Britain, who we had lunch with. He told very great stories about his travels and adventures from when he was young, in English with an accent, up until he moved to Nagano and settled down with his family. Another young man we met that same day shared photos about his adventures with helping people who'd been effected by natural disasters and poverty. These people were pretty cool and got me thinking about how our lives are adventures again. I'd thought of this before, but truly we can do anything. We don't have to travel the whole world, but everyday we can help others and try new things and have an adventure.

   I wanted to leave that thought with you as well as this, the Atonement, is a simple, yet powerful truth. We shared about it with someone briefly this week, and we felt the spirit witness to us of how true it really was.

   TuAkoi choro is doing good if y'all were wondering, he will be training me for this next transfer as well so continue to pray for us to learn everyday and that we will find the elect.

  Thank you for your letters too, I've been getting a lot recently. I'd also like to send a shout out to my Sister Jasmine who is 17sai today! Tanjoubi Omedetou!

Aishiteimasu minna san,
Watkins Cho to the other ro.

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