Monday, March 3, 2014

Party in Ueda!

Bills Choro sent me this pic of All of our Choro tachi in our Zone when we were Dai Sempai.I love these guys!   

First Kokan!

  I swapped places with Baird Choro for a day and went to Ueda, the other Area in our Disrict. I was with Vaghn Choro or "Ban” Choro in Japanese. He's a cool guy and good missionary. Now in Japan it is hard to find people to talk to, most of us dont have more than 5 investigators usually. So OYM is very important. On kokans things usually go very bad or very good. This kokan, however was just magical.

    Ban Choro and I walked the streets of Ueda and talked to a group of teenage boys. We played ball with them and taught them the First vision. "Wow that was cool!” we thought. Then we kept running into people who would listen to us and we taught the 1st vision 3 times just from walking around! What?! 

   It gets better. Housing, knocking on doors, is almost never fruitful,in Japan people dont even answer thier doors, they all have a camera microphone on their doorbells that they ”kekko” you from. We went any way and to our surprise, two people opened their door for us and one of them let us in their house. Whaat? We taught to 1st vision 2 more times and gave out all of our lesson 1 booklets. 

  Magic was happening at home too, Baird and TuAkoi Choro taught our investigators at a pet shop, Dog Eikaiwa as we call them. No we dont teach english to dogs, well sometimes, but there is a family of 3 that owns the pet shop and we teach english to and they became yakusokushas (promise people) which means they are on date to be baptized! Whaaat?! Baptisms are rare around here, and seeing one in my first transfer is pretty special.

Well a lot more happened but thats all for this letter. Im short on pics today but there will be some later on.

Love you all!
Watkins Choro :)

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