Monday, March 10, 2014

Bean Chan Power!

All of the Nagano Branch Missionaries with Masato Kyodai who's leaving for his mission next month!


  This week we had ZTM/Zone Training Meeting so we woke up an hour early and took a 2 hour ish train ride to Matsumoto. I got to see my MTC buddy Bills Choro again and we learned alot of things about our mission goals. It was so cool to talk to Bills Choro again and compare stories of how much we've grown this past month. I can't believe its been that long already!

    We spent some time with some members last week, they are all really nice. Our Ward mission leader took us, one of the recent converts, and Masato Kyodai to an all you can eat Japanese buffet. It was so fun. I accidentally grabbed a bowl of coffee ice cream and everyone laughed when I brought it to the table. Masato Kyoudai put it in the grill on the table. Really fun times with the members here. Masato Kyodai just went back to his family for a month before he leaves for his mission in Tokyo. Man, it's been so long since I did that, but not really. Still 20 months left!

    We often have the days that all missionaries have when we walk and bike and share and invite and nothing seems to come of it. But we must not give up. Just last night my companion followed a prompting to go house and as a result we talked to 2 interested people and even gave out a copy of the Book of Mormon. Every little soul counts because he or she is worth so much to their Heavenly Father.

    I want you all to know that I love you all a lot, I got a ton of letters this week from the Seminary students and from some of the Conway missionaries. It really inspires me to keep doing more everyday. I also got my favorite picture of Troop 857 in the mail this week, those are my brothers and I continue to strive to be a good example for them all.

Love you all and appreciate your support especially during my "Bean Chan" days!

Watkins Choro

Bills Choro from my MTC District is in my Zone so I asked if he could share some photos with me. These are the long awaited DaiSempai photos from my last day at the MTC!

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