Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's all Futsu!!

Saying bye to Jackson.
Beck and Watkins, partners in dendo.

Beck and Watkins, partners in dendo.

Chllin with the members and Totoro!

What even did we do this week? Dendo I guess. It was a good week, but same ole stuff ya know.

  Yesterday we had Shokujikai so food after church! We had DTM in Nakatsugawa on Friday and ate at the indo curry place again, that was cool. Elder Laumatia had his first kokan this weekend, looked like he had fun. And we actually got a couple of new investigators so yay!

  We have about 8 investigators now! Whoo! Now that's more like it. Now we just gotta teach them. Hopefully we can get some Yakusokushas (people on date to be baptized)!! It's gonna be fun, but the key to it all is the spirit which carries that message to the hearts of these people who otherwise don't care about God or religion.

     And we need to use faith, to believe that we can find, teach, and baptize. And third we need to show our love for these folks and share Heavenly Father's love too. If we got those three things, we are golden.

  Tomorrow, We have Zone Taikai. Lets see what what we learn there. Still praying for my cousin who's coming soon! So thanks for your prayers as always! love you guys!

Elder Watkins

Happy Birthdays to Sister Lexi Melton, Grandaddy Dabbs, Izzy Hall, and my new cousin coming soon!

Dessert and dinner!

Look out for wild bore!

The boyz ready to get their pday on!


Hamamura Shimai! >-<

Kamen Rider kids book, cuute!

Look what I found on the road outside Nagoya eki, hahaha!!

Lazaro back to being a zone leader.

Collector's edition AP Lazaro name tag! haha!

My boy Elder Moulten! Haven't seen him in forever!

Me and Avarell Shimai at the Golden Clock.

My new man!

Found our buddy at the matsuri!

Me and my boy Lama chan!

Yama chan, the new Zone Leader. I knew it haha!

Nagoya eki!

Jackson's last walk to the eki.

Purdy aint it?

Out to the park


New Rider, Drive!

Seto Mono Matsuri!!!

Seto monoo


Sparklers at the cookout.

Sparklers at the cookout.

Lunch American style at TGI Fridays!

Totoro house!!!

Totoro house!!!

Chllin with the members and Totoro!

For those who don't know, this house is meant to depict the house that appears in the Japanese Animated film Totoro. Everyone loved it! The kids even enjoyed re creating scenes from the movie. Soo fun!

Adventures with a Ward Family!

So cute!

The kids LOVED it!

The kids LOVED it!

Water pump

Water pump

Yuka chan!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Transfers: Episode VI Return of the Elder

   Well it has been a crazy first week of transfer 6. Today we went to a cool place with some members, the Totoro house from the movie Totoro! I haven't seen it yet, but everyone loves it a ton and I am looking forward to watching it when I return. It was way fun! Got some great pictures from it.

      I'm back with Elder Beck! Its pretty fun, and it looks like, if we play our cards right and follow the spirit, we can see 2 or even 3 baptisms this transfer. So please pray that we will know what we must say and do with our investigators to help them come unto Christ. I have faith that we can do it! We will ganbaru!

    We also went to a huge matsuri (festival) called Seto Mono Matsuri, Seto is famous for pottery so it was a pottery matsuri. It was super fun and a lot of folks were there. But the fireworks weren't near as cool as the ones at Owari Asahi last month.

  Also back at home in the south, I am expecting a new cousin within the next week. I am so excited! Please pray that everything will go well and send me a photo as soon as you can!

  Well we are going to a cookout this evening so I will just leave you with a thought that helps me sometimes. Its something Uchtdorf Koncho said recently "Be grateful IN your circumstances" think about that this week.

Love you all so very much!
Watkins Choro

September is full of birthdays! Shout out to Marie Hall and Kurt, and whoever else was born this week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Guess Who's Back!

Avarell Shimai!!!

She made a sign to say hi to Jasmine! So nice!

The boys with the sign for Jasmine haha!!

Dinner at Yoshida Shimais!

Transfer Calls!!!!!

 I wanna thank you for all of your prayers for this transfer. I am so excited for it! But first here's whats happening to my comp.

Elder Jackson is going to my favorite Nagano!!!!! AND he is opening a new companionship there so there will be 4 elders and 2 sisters! Don't know how they'll fit in that apartment haha. Please pray for Jackson tho, as his companion is someone he doesn't get a long with at all.

 And my new companion is someone you all know because he was my friend back in Nagano. He is way funny and I kokaned with him more than anyone else. Our moms are even friends on facebook. It is... Elder Beck!!!!! That's right, Beck is back baby!

  Dude! I'm so excited. This transfer will be fun and we will see miracles in Seto. And with fall coming up, man its gonna be great!

We also had ZTM again where I saw Elders Brown and Tanner and Sister Avarell. They said to say hi! haha they are so cool.

Its sad that Jackson is leaving tho. We had a birthday cookout for him at a friends house. It was fun, reminded me of camping back home. You know anywhere can be like home. You just have to be with someone you love. I love all of my friends here. Missionary, member, or non member friends, I have really found a large family out here in the Nagoya dendobu. I can feel the love of others and also the love of the Savior.

Well wish us luck here in Seto and keep sending up prayers. Tomorrow is gold clock again, so fun to see all them missionaries. I pray for y'all often.

Much love,
Elder Watkins

Birthday shout outs to Furman, Caleb, and the man Grandaddy Parker!!!!
My Go Busters Morphin Brace! haha!

Jackson playing Japanese chess with Koike Kyoudai.

Elder Tanner being Ikemen (handsome) for Jasmine.
Jackie's t-shirt

Language that Jackson made up.

Cook out Birthday party!

Cook out Birthday party!

Happy Birthday Jackson Choro!!!

Happy Birthday Jackson Choro!!!
Jackson is leaving :(