Monday, March 17, 2014

Kain tachi dance time!

Zenkoji Temple

the ashiu


  This week we visited a lot of members/ Kyokain or just Kain which sounds like something from star trek. We saw Goe Kyodai at McDonalds, he's an american who lives in Japan and teaches english. Hes our Branch Eikaiwa instructor. Then we went home teaching with a member of the District Presidency, really spiritual guy. We visited the Ezaki family, which is a big family, and we had dinner and played games. They have three teenagers and two younger kids, it reminded me of being home with everybody and the missionaries at our house.

Our fairytale visit with the Yamaguchi kazoku and Family Home Evening.

  Then yesterday we saw the Yamaguchi family. they live way at the top of a snowy mountain in a wooden house that they built. It was like a fairy tale or something. Just getting up the mountain in their car was an adventure. They have 3 little girls and one little boy and they all love Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. So I asked them which Kamen Rider was their favorite and did the henshin poses for each of them. Before we left we also did the Kyoryuger dance together. I've never had an audience like that before, they all got a kick out of it! The other missionaries just about died with amusement. We played games and did a lesson and it was just great.

   I also went on a kokan this week, this time I stayed here with our District Leader who loves hip hop dancing. While dendoing in the city we came across a dance studio that he was interested in. A man welcomed us in an within minutes we are watching a team of young middle to high school girls practicing this dance routine and they were really good. I was amazed at the fact that this was happening to us. We invited them to Eikaiwa and shared a short message, then they asked us a lot of questions about america. They were very excited to have an audience. It was really funny, you never know what to expect out here.

  So I love the members and all these people. There are different and unique people everywhere you look! So lets invite them to come to Christ!

Love you all and hope yalls week rocks,
Cullen Watkins Choro

We loved the ashiu so much we had District Training Meeting there!

Basketball with an investigator family.

 Hospital Eikaiwa

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