Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doctor who?!

Hat in the store

 We had the most spiritual doctors appointment ever this week haha! Doctor Hansen and Doctor Graham and their wives came down to speak about physical, mental, and spiritual health. They are the mission doctors in Tokyo who we call when we're not feeling well. I think we called him when I had pink eye, but I don't remember. The training was really engaging and fun, I really enjoyed it and learned how doing simple things can help us feel the spirit. Cleaning, exercise, proper sleep, saying kind things, those actually have a bigger impact than we'd thought.

    I also did a kokan with Elder Tanner's new bean chan Elder Dana (Daynah) from Arizona. It was my first time kokaning with a week 2 brand new elder. I got to help him get his bike and go on his first ride around Nonami. We also taught an investigator (my only investigator right now) and a recent convert lesson. It was really fun getting to teach. Being with a bean I realized a few things, he doesn't know but a little Japanese, and he doesn't know much about dendo yet, but he has just begun the adventure of a lifetime. I remember those days for me, they were tough, but they were my favorite days. There was so much excitement being in japan and being a missionary. It's all pretty normal to me now, but I still have a while to go on my adventure. So where's the excitement?

Elder Moulten came to spend the night for Doctors Conference!

  I looked back at some old pictures from my past areas up to now and realized, again, how unusual this is for anyone back home and not a missionary. Everything we do is an exciting and fun adventure. We struggle, and its not easy, but it is exciting. Being a missionary is cool!

  Well next month Elder M. Russell Ballard is coming to speak to the whole mission. We are all looking forward to that. Lot's of fun things are going to happen soon, but no matter if it's an awesome day or a slow day, It is important to enjoy life especially this special mission life. So enjoy life guys! Have a great week and watch some Bible Videos today!

Jackson wearing his mask

Omine Shimai and Hammamura Shimai from last week at transfers :)

Security sign at an apartment haha

Luthuran Church in our area
The King size Gyudon at Sukiya.

It's a secret size not on the menu. Soo good!

Washing machine out the front door, and they use it. interesting.

Meito, Okazaki, and Shizuoka Zones together again for Doctors Conference.

My boys

My boys
Wedding reception prep
Nagoya Subway network, we use it a lot.

My boys

Lunch in Meito

The Shimai! With elders in the back.

Elder Tallent with his doki

Elder Tallent with his doki

Laumatia gettin his ninja award!

Elder Zimmarman's birthday! (hes our financial advisor)

Tri-Zone picture!

Tri-Zone picture!

1 year mark for my MTC kohai! I remember when they first got there.

Getting ready for next weeks episode, Somebody's getting married!

Getting ready for next weeks episode, Somebody's getting married!

Wedding reception prep

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Transfer 9: The Parable of the Tallent

My new comp Elder Tallent

I'm T9!!! Almost double digits! Whaat?!
Punctured tire...

The expert

It has been an interesting start to the transfer with my new companion. This is the first time in a while that I haven't known anything about my comp before getting him, so I've been trying to adjust to the change and get to know each other.

  Elder Paul Tallent comes from a different world than I do, a place called Iowa. Never met anyone from there before. He's 19, and he's a professional cyclist. He does a ton of extreme stuff. He is also really smart and can build cars. He's a pretty cool dude. He is only on his 3rd transfer and still doesn't really know Japanese, so we are working on that. But he's ready to work hard.

  Last week we saw some less actives and explored more parts of our little area. Then the day I'd long feared came, I got a flat tire. Good thing my comp is a pro cyclist! We went to a really good nearby bike shop and he hooked me up with the best stuff within my budget. We replaced the tire and it was good to go. My old tire was soooo worn out! After that we ran into Sasai Kyoudai from church and he bought us a ton of ice cream on the spot! So many blessings haha!
Old tire

My bike in surgery

  Well, recently we've all been studying the 4 gospels in the new testament in preparation for mission conference with Elder Ballard soon. I love reading the words of the Savior, just the gospel and the way of eternal life. My testimony of the Savior is growing as I read and study His words. So I invite you all to study them too, read some NT. The bible is a good book.

Not much else to say this time. I love you all, and I'm thankful for your prayers! Have another great week!
Watdawg choro

Happy Birthday to Aunt Ashley and my puppy Cinnamon!!!
Drive: Type Speed!
Drive: Type Speed!

Curiel and Martindale
My old District Leader Elder Baird!

Laumatia ready to hit the tracks.

Sugimoto Choro, retired AP, reaping the fealds for one last transfer.


Elder Hardcastle

Moulton choro!

The Transferees

Tanner and Bills

Meeting at Nagoya Eki

Meeting at Nagoya Eki

A ferari

Cat bus, it's coming for you!

A Seto member came to Nonami for stake business and remembered I was there so she brought chocolate for us! So cool.

Home made Indo Curry! MMM...

Home made Indo Curry! MMM...

HUGE dog outside a convinie
Elder Mihara (the elder that took my spot when I left Nagano) and Elder Takayama.