Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cuz Baby Your A Firework!

Girls at the Matsuri who asked for a picture with us! We felt like rock stars.

Fireworks show at matsuri!

Veteran Missionaries who served here and in Brazil! Super awesome guys.

Fireworks show at matsuri!


This past week we had a Matsuri (festival) in our area. They have a ton of them in the summer. This one was pretty cool, even tho it was raining on and off all day. (We wore rain gear all day). But there were a lot of cool folks at the matsuri. People adore us young Americans, they would say "hello" to us and say random English phrases. One lady gave me free fries. A group of young girls wanted to get a picture with us. I enjoyed the attention, they are so funny haha.

  We also met some new friends at the maturi including a new investigator and some past missionaries from 3 years ago. One of them served here in Seto as well as Nagano (like me) and some other places. One of them served in the Fukuoka Japan mission and another in Brazil. They were way cool and chilled with us the rest of the evening, which included an awesome fireworks show and traditional Japanese music. (and some modern favorites too like Let it Go from Frozen and the title of this email by Katy Perry)

   Also this week I kokaned in Seto with Park Choro who serves in Nakatsugawa. So I got to be Sempai for a day. Haven't done that in a while. I wasn't really sure what to do. I am just starting to really figure out this area too. We just walked around and "OYMed" to people. Not many folks were out tho. But it was still fun. I don't know what I'll do whenever I become a real Senior companion tho.

    We also had the Assistants to the Pres, Elders Lazaro and Tsukamoto at our DTM, those guys are way cool. Lazaro was my old Zone Leader and Tsukamoto is my grandpa. They came to film us OYMing to people for a video they are making for the mission. I didn't get to be in it this time cuz I had to catch the train, but it looks way cool.

   Well lastly, this week is the 21st anniversary of the Power Rangers! My childhood heroes who always inspire me to do what's right and be a hero. I feel like one of them right now, I am a ranger in a sense. I go out and fight evil and it is tough but one day I won't be a ranger. And that will be strange. So I need to make the most of the time I have now to invite every body. I may not always know what to do, but I know that we can receive revelation that will tell us what the Lord needs done.

   Well, have a great week getting back to school and all. And as always, may the Power protect you all.

Watkins Choro
Eating at Indo Curry with the APs after DTM!

My package!

New and old shoes!

New and old shoes!

POP TARTSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pizza Hut

Me and Elder Park found a pizza hut on our kokan! Its super expensive!

Parfait at Catz Cafe in Seto.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dat Watermelon Drink!

Leaving Nagano

Great to see old friends at transfers!

Me and Jacky at a Shyabu shyabu restruaunt

Nakatsugawa and Seto District!



   It has been a dry week for dendo because everybody went out of town for vacation. Summer break in Japan is only for about a month or so. School should be getting back soon. While it has been hard to find tho, we did get to meet with an investigator we found 2 weeks back. That was way cool and now we have 2 solid investigators instead of just one. We had about 10 in Nagano. We got a lot of work to do.

    We visited a few members and less actives too. Again I must say that members of the church are so great no matter where you go. We had my favorite church meeting yesterday, shokujikai! (Food after church). Every ward or branch in japan does it once a month. It is such a good way to help people feel comfortable at church and it makes the ward feel like a real family. We sang happy birthday to all the birthday people and ate the food that was brought. Wheeler and Laumatia Choro even made a Hawaiian treat of watermelon milk (or whatever) that everyone was excited about.

    An 8 year old girl, Yuka, is my new friend in the ward, she loves the choro tachi! She puts little stickers on our name tags and shows us stuff she thinks is cool. Like her rock collection! haha she's way funny.

   We also got curtains from the honbu for our new apartment. Haven't put them up tho, we'll see how that goes.

   But I'm adjusting. It is harder to dendo (and hills are killer) but I'm happy for some reason. I think we just gotta keep the spirit with us and have faith. That is pretty tough sometimes with no huge success, but like I said before, if we fulfill our purpose and invite that is success. And that is something y'all can do too, just go out and invite.

     If you are not sure how to do that, I again highly recommend studying and applying "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clayton M. Christianson. It is all about how to dendo in your everyday life, and its much easier than you think.

    Well, hope you all are doing well! Love y'all a lot.

Watdawg choro

Happy Birthday to Gram Dabbs, Connor Cook, Parker Phillips, and Grandma Ruth! Love!
Baby Rin chan!




My best friend, Pocari Sweat

Ping Pong night

Ping Pong night

Ping Pong night

Ping Pong night

The winner is.. Laumatia!


Me in a Japanese church program, yay!

Me in a Japanese church program, yay!

My Battle torn shoes!

My new room

Golden Clock

Seto Ward

Me and Lama chan in the ward news!

Picture of us in the church! Under my picture it says I have 4 people in my family, and i like camping, photography, pizza and ice cream!


So excited for Watermelon Drink!