Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Better than Santa?

Elder Brown & Elder Watkins

Hello Kyodai to Shimai tachi!

      Christmas was a blast! We had a missionary talent show and Hyashi Choro dance with a bottle on his head! Many great musical performers were there too.

        Then, we had a huge feast followed by a devotional. Brown Choro and I were with Smith Choro and we waited in line. We could feel the excitement. We all stood up tall as we welcomed in, David A. Bednar and his family!

     Elder Bednar did something that had never been done before. "We're going to have a Q and A" he said, "This is being broadcast to other MTCs so you are probably wondering how. Well, I have a magic ipad, and I can receive text messages on it. 'But we don't have phones Brother Bednar' wait, it's coming." He gave a wink and to our great astonishment, cell phones were passed out to the audience. He gave us his phone number. "I know what you are thinking" he said with a smile "We will not use these phones to call home. All in favor please make it manifest by the raise of the right hand". The vote was unanimous.

       I couldn't believe that I was actually about to text an apostle of the Lord. I asked him a question through text. And he answered all of the questions as best he could. He introduced us to his family, and left us an Apostolic Blessing. The Seirei (Holy Spirit) was strong.

       After, my Doryo, Smith, and I went out the back door, were we were told to stop. After a few minutes we found out why. Around the corner came Elder Bednar to greet us! One by one we shook his hand. He said to me "Merry Christmas Elder, thank you for serving." I replied with "Merry Christmas Elder Bednar, thank you for visiting." It was pretty special.

         Later on we enjoyed a concert and watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas. Great Christmas.

     I learned from Elder Bednar's devotional that the best missionaries get over them selves and "turn out" as he likes to say. That is my personal challenge and I invite you all to join me, Let's all Turn Out and get over ourselves this new year.

       Minna san, Ai Shitte Imasu. Ja matta!

Watkins Choro

 Daisempai and our Branch Presidency

Liddell Choro and his signature scarf

Our Zone

Shimai and Aulick Shimai our Oneesan tachi (big sisters)

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