Tuesday, December 24, 2013

White Christmas with District 27A

Mearri Kirisumasu!

   I am becoming really good at writing in hiragana. I will eventually mail you my planner so you can read my goofy daily schedules in the future.

     Interesting week. We saw Ronald A. Rasband of the 70 last Tuesday and the BYU Mens Chorus! Great stuff. No Apostles yet, but they say Santa Claus in coming! And maybe even Bednar Choro! We shall see.

      We did TRC last night. That's teaching real Nihonjin Kyoukain (Japanese Members). I had previously relied too much on dictionaries and language tools too much in our lessons. It felt like a script. So this time I went in with just my Morumon Sho (BofM) and let the Gift of Tongues kick in. IT IS REAL. I spoke nihongo, not perfectly, but well enough that the members could understand. It was great. Elder Brown is working hard on nihongo too, I give him a lot of help an encouragement and he helps me to teach by the spirit. Kanzen Chowa (perfect harmony)

       We walked to the Temple in the snow this Sunday. I totally slipped and fell on my bum on the ice. I was fine though. I laughed a lot.

     My district is awesome! We are like brothers, we have our differences and such, but we love each other. We watch a General Conference talk in our class room every night and have a "Hot Seat" were we all ask questions to whoever is in the hot seat. It is so weird how similar we all are. Elders Olivera and Bills are both converts with strong testimonies, they have mission call videos on youtube too. Kindred spirits.

   I also love my Sensei-tachi (teachers) Brother Huefner Sensei (the red head), Brother Horne Sensei, and Sister Tsukamoto Sensei. They are awesome and fun, and full of the spirit.

   Elder Smith and Elder Moulten are our class clowns. They are having a "shenanigan war". It is just fun to watch them and their comic adventures.

    We have an MTC Branch. Our whole Zone makes up the branch and we have a Branch President with 3 councilors. Yes... 3. They are all returned Japanese missionaries from the old days (with the exception of Neilson Kyodai who served in TX) They are pretty cool and wise. They called me and Elder Brown to be sacrament planners! We have sacrament meeting all in Japanese, it's way cool.

      Will I will be sending you all something special tomorrow so look out for that.

Merry Christmas one and all!
Watdawg Choro o<:)

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