Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Welcome to the Empty Sea!!!!!

Ohaioo gozaimasu!

     Elder Watkins here, or rather Watkins Choro as they call me. Choro being Japanese for Elder.

     John dropped me off after getting a huge "mini" shake and some of UT's famous fry sauce. That was cool. I was 15 minutes late to the MTC. I finally found my class with help of some Korean Elders and got my books. I walk in there and for the next hour I hear nothing but Japanese. It was nuts! But I understood a lot of it. And so does most of my District. I am not the only one with a background in "Nihongo". It is so cool.

     I love my District, they are different than my bro scouts at home, yet I feel the same love and spirit with them. It's like we've always been friends. Kindred spirits as Joe would say. All of us are elders, a rarity nowadays. And they say they've never seen a district come in with such fore knowledge of the language. It's awesome.

     My companion is Elder Nathan Caleb Kenji Brown. Brown Choro. He's from Canada. Calgary Alberta. It's interesting how different and yet how alike we are. We get along great.

     The MTC is a spiritual school of hard knox. Basically we spend a quarter of the day in a classroom. The same classroom. We go insane. Then when the insanity sets in, we become inspired followers of Christ. And it's pretty awesome actually! Like I said my district is a real blessing. Most of us are going to Nagoya, but there is the "Fukuaoka 4", Decelle (our DL), Stump, Olivera, and Hyashi. The Nagoyas are Smith (funny guy), Tanner (also funny), Moulton (hilarious), Shuh, Bills, Williams, Brown, and Watkins :)

      We have our first investigator, her name is Mai. She's Nihonjin (Japanese). Teaching her is a challenge because 1, no knowledge of Christ and 2, language barrier. But we are learning to teach the gospel in Japanese. Not learning Japanese, learning the gospel in Japanese. We even pray in Japanese.

      The spirit is strong, the food is good, it is a hard time, but it is the best time. I miss you all very much. But I love my new family here too.

      P-day is on Tuesday, I will send pics later. When I'm not doing laundry.

Much love and have a great week,
Elder Cullen E. Watkins :)

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