Thursday, January 9, 2014

Akimashite Omedetou Gozaimasu! (Happy New Year)

Bringing in the New Year!
Haven't seen yall all year!

      We were all a little upset when we found out about the new schedule and Pday was moved to Thursdays. We've had to re-wear the same clothes these past couple of days! This morning we woke up 30 minutes early so that we could walk through the dark, fog, and snow to go to the Temple for the first time since we've been here. And My first time in English! It was great going there with all the missionaries in my Zone. The Provo Temple looks small, but it is way bigger on the inside.

         So It's been a while and I've got 3 kaken (experiences) to share with you all!

     Last Wednesday newly arriving missionaries were marching on the campus. Leaving everything for two years. Zone 27 volunteered to put on those special stickers and become... Host Missionaries! We had a blast. I hosted one Elder and one Sister. I showed them the campus, helped them get books, and helped welcome them to the MTC. I didn't have a host when I arrived so it felt nice to help these missionaries. It is so much fun, can't wait til next week.

     On Sunday we had fast and testimony day. We had mission conference in the morning and sacrament later on. Remember, sacrament meeting for my Branch is all in Nihongo (Japanese). And this week Brown Choro and I blessed the sacrament, we did this just like back home, but in Nihongo. After that I shared my testimony in Nihongo. It was a great Sunday which ended in the usual Temple walk and devotional.

     Lastly, on Monday nights we do this thing called Teaching Resource Center (TRC, the church loves acronyms) in which real church members who either are or speak Japanese come and volunteer to hear a short message from us. This Monday, Brown Choro and I met this young Japanese woman who is expecting her first child. We shared Matthew 5:14 "Ye are the light of the world" in Japanese and talked about how spreading happiness makes us happy. She told us of how her family has not excepted the gospel as she has, how happy she was to meet the missionaries, and the excitement of raising her young family in the church. She hopes that through her example her family might see the light. I was trying not to get all teary eyed as we told her that as she continues to be that light, her family will be blessed, even if they don't get baptized, their lives will be blessed by her example in living the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'd never up to that point felt the Seirei (spirit) so strong in a lesson. Brown choro, who struggles a bit with the language, spoke and testified of this as well. But then best part was seeing how happy this sister was to know that she can be a light to everyone around her. I think we all can. If we aren't having a good day, let us be a light and brighten up someone else's day.

Well there is a lot that happens here, but I think that will do for today.
I'm at the MTC, were I speak Japanese everyday,
I pray in Japanese everyday,
I sing hymns in Japanese everyday,
and I teach God's children in Japanese everyday.

Love you all あいしています(ai shite imasu),
コレン ワトキンス著路
Cullen Watkins Choro
New Kohai

Dop Shimai looking off into the sunset.

Scott Choro (who is awesome) photo bombing Dop Shimai.

Statue with snow on its head.

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