Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trick or Tansfer OoO

Happy Halloween!

My fate is sealed. The results of the last transfer calls to effect me are in...

I will be finishing my mission in Toyohashi with Elder McArthur! Yay!
But there's a twist. I've been assigned as the new District Leader for
Toyohashi and Kariya! That means I have to do Kokans with all the
elders in the district, plan and teach DTM, initiate weekly reports
with missionaries, and most of all be the best example of a loving,
Christ like missionary that I can. I'm way nervous since I haven't
done such things since I was in Boy Scouts, but I'm excited to have
this opportunity not only to help my fellow missionaries, but also to
learn from each of them. I hope this will be good preparation for
future church callings and I know that the Lord will guide His work.
I drew this.

  In other news Elder Gifford is leaving Toyohashi and going to
Meito, the honbu ward. But he isn't working in the honbu, just regular
missionary, which is way good. Also the Meito zone leaders have
switched to being in Nonami! What! And Sisters will be returning to
Nonami. Crazy!

  Elder Miranda is staying here and he will be training! In Kariya,
Elder Johnson will be training, and so will Sister Kittaka. This means
that half of my district will be beans! I'm way excited for that.
I made these!

    Well we of course had a Halloween party in Eikaiwa on Wednesday, I
was Santa, Gifford was a ninja, Miranda was a spy, and McArthur was a
pirate. We made four chocolate cakes for the occasion. It was way fun!

  Thursday we had trainers training. There were about 50 missionaries
there! We got lots of good training on how to be good, loving
companions. The Assistants to the President are Elder Tanner, Elder
Sato, and Elder Nakamoto, two of those three were my district leaders
and good friends, as you'll remember. It was way fun to receive
training from them again and also do a mogi OYM with them.

  Afterward we had w surprise birthday party for Ishii Shimai, the
mission president's wife/ bye-bye party for two senior sisters who
worked in the honbu. That was fun! The cake was so good! It was also
fun for elder McArthur to reunite with all his friends from the MTC.
Reminds me of when I was a bean.
And these

    I also had an interview with President Ishii for my temple
recommend. It was a spiritual experience to answer those questions and
be counted as worthy to enter the Lord's house. President Ishii is so
filled with love and with the spirit, when I'm with him I really feel
like I'm in the presence of a servant of the Lord.

  Many other good things happened including some member lessons and
investigators progressing. But let me just say that I am excited to
finish here in Toyohashi this way. Good things are on the horizon, and
with faith I know we can achieve our baptismal goal and much more
within these last six weeks. Please pray for the Toyohashi ward, and
the Toyohashi/Kariya district this transfer. Let us see these
miracles. I love you all a bunch!
Not these but they're cute, huh!

Elder Watkins

I forgot some birthday shout outs so for last month, my buddy Sheldon,
brother Brock, and anyone else.

Miranda making cake.

Halloween Eikaiwa


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Last DTM with Lenning

District picture

Dinner at the Bishops house

Trainers training

Birthday party

Last time to see Tanner until the great and last day.

Indo curry

My bean!
Just watched Elder Mueller go on his own to the honbu for his last
time. Seems like just yesterday we were in Ueda on a Kokan.

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