Thursday, November 19, 2015


Koseki family FHE they are so awesome!

Way crazy week. I'm just blown away by how busy we are. So many
investigators and so many lessons. And this week will begin the Kokans
and other stuff.

Biggest news, we have a yakusokusha! Suzuki San is preparing to
receive baptism for next month. We gave him a priesthood blessing to
help him overcome smoking. He's trying way hard. Praying that that
that and other things will happen so that he can make that date!

That night we had another lesson for exactly the same time in a
completely different place. So we did an emergency Kokan with the
other elders so we could teach both lessons. It was an operation, and
the results were really good.

Friday we had my last Zone Training Meeting. This time I got to be
involved in the planning for the zone and preparing for the upcoming
transfer. The Zone Leaders told me, "you are the sempai of the zone
and an example to all of us" that was a good thing to hear. The
testimony meeting at he end of ZTM was a good one, there were other
missionaries in the zone as well who will go home shortly after I do.
So we all shared our testimonies, and we talked about how we were so
thankful to work with everyone in that zone and in this mission and do
the extraordinary things we got to do and are doing. And we each
expressed our determination to not back down but  be better
missionaries than ever before with more motivation than ever before.
And have fun doing it. It was so good to hear these testimonies of
elders and sisters both old and young.

One of the elders, Elder Valente, taught us a Japanese word that's
sort of his motto for life. Thought I'd share it with you. Nonki. It
means carefree, optimistic, no worries. If we have faith that the Lord
will help us, then it's nonki. It'll all work out. So in everything we
do, try not to worry about the outcome, believe that miracles will
happen. Don't think that dendo is hard or that Japanese is hard. Life
is hard. But dendo is the Lord's work. So we can do it. We' e been
called to Japan, so Japanese is the easiest language for us to learn
right now. I know this is true. We can't let doubt and fear keep us
from success. Just gotta have nonki.

I know the world is crazy, but never give up and don't set limits.

Love you all like a love song. Have a great week!
Watdawg Watkins 2008
Cool view of Toyohashi
Thanks for the presents!

Elder McArthur helped me get the new Masked Rider Ghost figure

black thunder cake

Sweet black thunder cake Miranda made for our birthday

This guy is awesome. He bought these small cakes for our birthday lunch!

21 boys!


Pepsi Ghost! Mystery flavor, cherry! Long time no taste! I was way surprised.



Dikevel Choro

Mihara and Kariya Choro
Lesson 2 drawing I made for our investigator


Okazaki Zone!

Lotteria, best burgers in Japan.

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