Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Plastic Cup?

Okazaki zone!

It's hard to explain that one. But those words caused me to laugh so
hard. Basically we were having hot chocolate with Tim tams, Elder
Lenning, who was over on a Kokan, suggested I use my glass for hot
chocolate and a plastic cup for the water I wanted for after. I then
turned to him and in a way that must've sounded like I thought he was
absurd said "A plastic cup?" Then everyone was confused and I laughed,
and they continued to make me laugh as I partook of the chocolate. It
was ruff. They enjoyed it though. Haha. You had to be there.

   We had a way good lesson with one of our investigators, he really
wants to be baptized but his family is opposed to it. They are afraid
he would have to give up his family traditions and culture. But that
is not the case, many members have joined the church from the same
background as him. He and we are going to pray that his family's heart
will change.

    A member invited us over and after talking for a while he
revealed that he was going to the hospital for an illness and asked us
to give him a blessing. It was Elder McArthur's first time to give
such a blessing. I gave my part of the blessing part in English, part
in Japanese. It was a good experience.

  Sadly, the Suzukis transferred to Kasugai last week. We had a good
pday with them last week. When we transfer we just have our suitcases
and maybe a box, but for them, we had to move all the furniture and
everything too and it took a whole truckload. We made a card for them.
They have been such a big help to us and such good examples. We miss

      We had Zone Conference, President Ishii said many good things.
One of my favorite things he said was actually in Japanese; すすめることは成功,
来てくれることは大成功です。in English, inviting is success, if they come that's
super success. Our purpose as missionaries is to invite others to come
unto Christ. If we do that, that's success. Our goal is to baptize. If
we do that, that's super success.

  We had a big testimony meeting at the end of the conference. It was
so spiritual because all of the missionaries in the zone shared their
testimony as well as a recently returned sister missionary from the
Okazaki ward. Missionary testimonies are so powerful because they
testify everyday and that makes them stronger. I added my testimony
thanking all the missionaries there for the example they've been to

Baptism in Seto with the current Seto elders Bunch and Allred and a RM
Seto elder Ockerman. And Meito Zone Leader Elder Mihara.

  One more cool story; one year ago I taught an investigator in Seto
who'd been an investigator for 7 years. It was hard to prepare for her
lessons each week because she knew everything. She was so close but so
far. Every missionary that ever served in Seto has taught her at some
point. We wondered if anything could help her make the change to be
baptized. Just last week I received word that she finally accepted the
invitation and was baptized. I don't know what did it other than the
spirit. For 7 years she has heard the testimonies of missionaries at
her home each week, and I think that in her heart she always knew it
was true, she just needed to act on that faith. It just goes to show
you that the Lord knows His sheep, and sometimes it may take some
waiting, and some pushing, and helping. But when they are truly ready,
they will come unto Him. That is why we can't give up, the Lord is
standing at the door, waiting for us. I'm thankful that one person I
didn't give up on, a year later, was finally able to enter that door.

  Love you guys. I love chocolate. Transfer calls this Halloween will
determine my final fate. Please pray. I hope y'all have a great

Elder Watkins
Toyohashi ward
Melon pan!

The best!

Card for the Suzukis

Inside card

Suzuki transfer

Suzuki transfer

Elder Johnson keeping score.

McArthur is the champ!

Beat Suzuki Choro

Pday volley ball from last weeks district  activity

Elder Lenning getting the ball

Wired advertising

Note the tear on my face

Me laughing so hard while eating chocolate


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