Thursday, November 12, 2015

Transfer 16: The Final Countdown

Happy 21st Birthday!!

Wow what a week! Soo many things happened! We've been way busy.

On Tuesday we had a mega lesson at a members house, the Shimodas. They
were so nice and made me a birthday cake and sang to me a week before
my birthday! So cool! We had a great lesson.

 Back up tho, Monday was nuts! We were in a 3 nin the whole day with
my old friend Elder Mitchell! His comp Elder Mueller, another old
friend, just finished his mission, so Elder Mitchell stayed with us
for the day until transfer day. We walked and took trains everywhere.
Since he served in Toyohashi before, he already knew were everything
was. We visited a member together and went to a college festival with
our friend from Eikaiwa, Yoshi. That was way fun! I got to play a
traditional Japanese string instrument. Way cool, but I can't do
anything like the actual performers.
Birthday cake the Shimodas made!

Wednesday, we received a referral from Salt Lake, first one my entire
mission! We went out and met her and she was way nice. Turns out she
studied with the elders many many many years ago (like before we were
born) and still has good feelings about the church. So we will meet
her again tomorrow. Yay!

Thursday we taught the word of wisdom to our investigator Suzuki. He
really wants to give up smoking, but it's hard. Please pray for him.
He's a way good guy.

Saturday we met some guys from Tennessee, THEY HAD COUNTRY ACCENTS!
That was wayyyyy natsukashi! And way hard to not say Japanese words in
that conversation. They are from near were my grandma Ruth and Uncle
David live. They all work for the same company and came out for

It was also elder Miranda's birthday so we had indo curry! Then we did
an OYM attack at the eki and gave out four Books of Mormon! Way fun!
Got donuts afterwards.
Opening my package

  Sunday was the best! We had Stake conference for the Nagoya East                         Stake, and I got to see all my friends from Seto and Nonami! It's been
one year since I've seen most of them. Some of the kids had grown a
little, some families had new babies, and they were all doing well.
Nojima San who recently got baptized was there. A general authority,
Elder Choi spoke and my friend Inagi Kyoudai translated for him from
English to Japanese. Most of them remembered me, even the kids
remembered and called me "Watkinzu Choro " and "Wat Chan". Perhaps the
best reunion of all was to see my old Japanese companion, Chiba Choro!
He lives in Toyota now and is doing well.

 It felt like my home stake. This is what I love about the gospel, no
matter where you go, we are all brothers and sisters. It felt like a
huge family reunion! And indeed it was as we are all children of the
same father. That just might be my favorite thing about this gospel,
it is so strong it can even bring people from across the globe, from
Korea, China, Brazil, America, Great Britain, and Australia together
in rejoicing and praise of our God, who is our Father, and our
Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
Thanks guys!

 Well, today is my birthday! I guess I'm 21 now. We will be
celebrating with lunch today with one of our friends from English
conversation. I also got a package from my family, so that's exciting!
Thanks for all the messages and shout outs! It's kind of a normal day,
but out here, there are no normal days haha.

I hope y'all have a good day on my birthday too. Happy Birthday to
everyone! Here's to one last transfer. Fight the fight, finish the
course, keep the faith.

Opening my package

Bday gift

Bday gift, Yum!
Indo curry with Elder Mitchell
Chiba Choro!!!!
College festival

I played this, or tried

College festival

This spider guarding the doorbell.

Donuts after dendo with the new bean Elder Arscott

Elder Arscott was so tired!

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