Monday, November 23, 2015

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Merry Christmas from Toyohashi!

Christmas lights are out, carols are being played and sung in church,
storm troopers are dressing as Santa Claus, and that feeling is in the
air. It's a good time to be in Toyohashi.

This week was fun! We went on a doryo Kokan with the Kariya elders on
Wednesday. I was with Elder Johnson again. We housed an apartment that
a lot of Australian rugby players are said to live in. I rang the
doorbell and out came a ten foot tall muscular white guy with an
Australian accent. I was struck with terror and elder Johnson talked
to him. He was way nice and said we could come back. Haha, talking to
gaijin in English is not what I'm used to. Unless they are fellow
missionaries. In fact it's really strange to talk about the gospel in
English at all haha.

On Friday I got to teach my first DTM. It was cool to set district
goals to help achieve our zone goals so that we could ultimately
fullfill the mission goal. That is 150 baptisms as a mission by the
end of the year. We also talked a lot about our goal to give out one
Book of Mormon each day. I was able to share some experiences and
testify of how the book works in dendo and in our lives. The best part
is the commentary and participation of the district members.
Our goals!

To give you an idea, my district consists of six elders and two
sisters. All of the companionships are training. And two missionaries
are returning home soon (me and sister Kittaka).  Then there are elders
Johnson and Miranda who have been out for about a year. So there is a
range of experience and back ground. The young missionaries have a lot
of fire and faith in them, it's exciting to work with them before
going home.

Speaking of, I actually received my super trunky papers this week
including my flight plans, and instructions for me to complete before
I leave. It doesn't seem real. But I will try to make these last three
weeks the best.

We also had movie night again and a lot of people came, members
brought friends, less actives came, Eikaiwa students came, and I
finally got to watch the movie in English! It is such a good film!
(Meet the Mormons btw) and each time we've shown it people have cried
and had good comments. Afterwards we ate a curry dinner and mingled
with all the guests. It was a great time and a great way to introduce
people to the church.

  Elder McArthur is doing great! I sometimes feel like I am working
with an old friend from back home. We like different things, yet we
are the same. It is way fun. He's a great missionary.

  I invite you all to adopt the same goal as us this Christmas
season, to give a copy of the Book of Mormon to any friend neighbor or
acquaintance who is not a member of the church. If you do so you will
feel the power of the book in your life, your testimony will grow, and
you can plant the seed for them to receive the greatest gift of all
from Jesus Christ. I know that this is true.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Sorry I won't make it due to a previous
obligation, but please save a seat for me at the table for next year.

Much love,
Elder Watkins
Santa trooper
And they say they aren't Christian.

Me and Toyoky.

Elder McArthur and Toyoky the robot of Toyohashi
This is what a Christmas tree in a Japanese missionary apartment is like.
Inagi kyoudai from Nonami came to Toyohashi! So good to see him again! He's the best!

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