Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Transfer 13: Getcha Head in the Game

The Beck Family!

On Tuesday we went to Nagoya and met up with everyone at the eki. It
was good to talk with everyone again. I even met Elder Beck, except
now he wasn't a missionary, he had just been released the day before
and was now traveling Japan with his family. So I got to meet the
whole Beck family, that was pretty cool! It was so funny to see Beck
again, haha.   It was a long train ride, but it was fun riding with
some other cool missionaries and listening to their stories.
Me and Miranda chillin at kojo park last pday

It has been an interesting week. Elder Dana is still Elder Dana, but
he has grown a bit and it is good to catch up with him and hear about
Nonami. I miss that place. But, yes, we biked long distances in the
pouring rain and visited many of the members. It was fun!

 We also have been teaching a young boy who is Brazilian but speaks
Japanese really good. He turns 8 soon and we were asked to teach him
the lessons. It is really fun! We use a lot of pictures and give him
candy. He is really smart.

   We also had sports night and played basketball with some members.
One of the members, a return missionary, pointed out that making a
point in basketball is like Dendo. You have to work with your
companion and the members, and have faith, and try hard, and you can
shoot and score. I've been thinking this past week, since I'm in my
last 4 transfers, how is it going to end? What can I do for these last
6 months I have? Where is my last area going to be? What will I become
and what will I learn before Christmas? I concluded that the Lord is
in charge and I don't need to worry about it. I know that He knows
best after all, so surprise me. I just gotta focus on the goal and
score one for Takaoka, and for the Lord. I gotta have faith to do it,
work with my team, and the Lord will take it the rest of the way. He
will catch the rebound.

Me and Elder Dana

  Love you guys as always. Remember, it doesn't matter what people
say, or who or what decides to use their agency contrary to the
gospel. They can do what they want and they have a reward, but always
remember where you stand. I've stood with the army of God singing
"Onward as we glory in His name", so be at peace knowing that this
work moves onward, and never goes back.

Love, peace, and country music,
Watkins 長 to the 老 :)

Dead Beck and his son

TuAkoi and Beck
Me and Elder Trajano

Miranda and his MTC comp



dragon fountain

sa tee uan (31) ice (4 scoops, 4 different flavors)

Kojo park

Pony in the little zoo!

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