Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Atsui sama desu!

Ferris wheel

Another hot day in Toyama ken! So I've had this rash for ever since
I've been in Takaoka that I finally took to get looked at. We sat down
with the doctor for two minutes and he looked at it with a microscope
and said, yep you have a rash. Then I paid 3500yen. Yay for
reimbursements! I got this cream stuff that has been working miracles.
Hereafter I will do a thing where I send before and after shots.

We taught our investigator and his mom again last week. She is really
getting into the gospel. She tangents wayyyy hard so the lesson
clocked in at about 2 and a half hours, longest lesson of my whole
mission so far, I think. But she said she felt as though God is
watching over her and also that Joseph Smith was a wonderful person. I
was touched by these remarks. They both agreed to read and pray about
the Book of Mormon.

Speaking of, remember I made that goal to preach from the Book of
Mormon on the streets and try to hand out some copies? Well we were
able on Saturday to give a copy to the first person we talked to. We
explained what it was about and that it could improve his life, then
we said it's free, then he asked if he could have a copy. It was good.
He didn't become an investigator, but Elder Dana and I could feel the
spirit and power from that book.

We are trying to help the youth in the ward. We attended Sunday school
yesterday and had a good conversation with them all. One girl had just
gotten back from her last girls camp before she turns 18. That was
natsukashi to hear, I remember my last scout camp and how it got my
mission call there, and my last youth conference too. I told a few
stories from that time. They thought it was neat how I got my mission
call at scout camp when I'd gone as a chaperone.

   Summer break just started so pretty soon there's gonna be party's
in the streets with matsuris, and also tourists. It's gonna be fun.
Something about summer reminds me of my friends back home. Been so
long since I've heard from them. So shout outs to all of them! We had
some great times, I still remember the movies, beach, camping, Temple
trips, and the friendship building, and testimony building things we
did. Indeed those summers prepared me for these hot summers in Japan.

   It's definitely not the same, but these two summers of dendo have
been the best, there's no rafting, no dances with pretty girls, no
video games, but there is testimony, spiritual experiences, good food,
great friends, and it may be challenging and stressful, but at the end
of each day I can look back and honestly say it was fun. It was the
best. These experiences are only one time each. I'll get to go camping
and stuff again, but dendo is special, and so much more rare. I hope
my friends will get out to see for themselves.

   You guys stay cool! Drink a lot of water! Make each day the best!

Love and sunshine,
Elder Watkins
Takaoka Ward

We cleaned out the fridge...

Sashiburi cold stone!

The small was five bucks.

 Worth it.

Elder Dana

That MOP life!

Pokemon store!


Primary kids from my ward sent some cool drawings!

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