Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Built upon an Ishi

Nonami reunion!

Ishi means rock, and it's also our mission president's name. Clever right?

Hey y'all! Well last week the opposite of a mission call came to me in
the mail, a letter from the honbu saying I'm going home.
Nooooooooooooooooo! I said. Then the letter says to fill out some
going home info then forget about it. So what if there's only 5 months
left? There are 24 hours in a day and I'm just going to focus on
making each one count.

Dance recital for our girls

   Last week we had interviews with president Ishii. It was nice to
finally talk with him one on one. He is such a nice man, even though
he still has trouble remembering our names. His English is way good.
We talked about my life's story and about dendo. He is different from
Yamashita kaicho and yet the same. Ishii shimai can't speak any
English, but she loves talking to us. While we waited for our
interview she sat down with the missionaries  and we had a wonderful
chat about many things. She is like that really cool aunt that hangs
out with you at family gatherings. She admonished us to eat vegetables
and drink lots of water. Fun fact, she is a vegetarian.

   I also got to Kokan with my district leader, Elder Nakamoto again.
He is so wise. We taught a cool lesson together at our investigators
home, and it went really well. He also shared with me the power of the
Book of Mormon, particularly in dendo. This is definitely true, and it
got me thinking that I should use the Book of Mormon way more than I
do already. Our most powerful weapon out here is our testimony, the
second most powerful weapon is the Book of Mormon, because it
energizes our testimony and ignites a testimony in others.
Nonami reunion!

    Saturday we went to a traditional Japanese dance show to see our
kids Eikaiwa students perform. That was very neat, and today we had a
primary activity at the church where we made curry with the primary
children. This is kind of a side note, but I really love Japanese
kids, they are so cute and full of energy and they are generally
really good.

  Well that's about all for this week. Got stuff to do. Btw today is
Marine day in Japan, happy Marine day! Love y'all so much!

The church is true and the book is blue.
Elder Watkins
Nonami reunion!
Isn't that one of our church's pictures? Whatever happened to thou shalt not steal?
What's this? A letter from the honbu?


My fake surprise reaction, haha!

Waiting in the eki for two hours because Elder Nakamoto is bad with train times.
My companion
Traditional Japanese dance

Himi matsuri!

Himi matsuri!
Saw some members and other friends there. It was fun!
Okay, lets move on....

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