Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Oh my Dana!



I'm staying in Takaoka! Yay! Elder Miranda is transferring to Fujieda
Branch in the Shizuoka Stake. Same place Elder Laumatia went, cept
Lama chan is transferring to Gifu. But anyways, my new companion, and
I don't know how this happens, but once again, it's someone I worked
with before. Y'all might remember Elder Dana in Nonami, he was Elder
Nilsson's comp when I left there. Well now he's my doryo. Hahaha! He's
a really funny guy, can't believe he's coming here.

 Well last week we had a district p day activity. We all went to
shyabu shyabu which I haven't had in a while. It was pretty fun and
gave us a chance to get to know each other, I think it brought the
eight of us closer, seeing as we are in three different areas, so we
can feel more unified. It was a good time.
Knocking on Hagrid's door

 Elder Miranda leaving is way sad. The ward loves him and we had such
a great time together. He got lots of presents from people at church
and from English class. I will miss him a lot. He was really a great
companion and I learned a lot from him.

  This transfer I learned about the power of testimony. Every night
me and Miranda did akashikai or testimony meeting. We shared testimony
with each other and stories from our lives that have strengthened us.
I learned a lot from his stories and my testimony grew as I shared my
experiences. It built a stronger bond in our companion ship so much
that when we testified to others it was like the ultimate attack. In
district training meeting, we all shared our testimonies with each
other, and it became one of the most spiritual DTMs I've been to.
There is power in testimony. And if you feel your testimony is weak,
go out and share it, tell it to your friends and family, and if no one
else the people on the street. That's what we do everyday. Even a
sentence can bring that spirit.

Well it will be harder here with out a Portuguese speaker, so we are
gonna need prayers. But while there are tough times, everyday I look
back and I can honestly say it was fun, I am thankful for each day in
these two years.

Please pray for Elder Dana and also for President and Sister Ishii who
are coming soon. I love you so much. Have a fantastic week!

Elder Watdawg Watkins

District Shubs

District Shubs

Good times

Good times
American cereal! Thanks members!

I make hot cakes!

Caramel apple mms!
Chocolate spoons!

Stir with chocolate spoons to make hot chocolate!

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