Tuesday, July 7, 2015



Today we are going on a railroad trip back to Nagoya for a conference
to welcome the new dendobu cho, President Ishii. We will spend the
night with the Fukutoku elders. So p-day is getting cut way short
today. But I saved some time to email y'all! I'll be quick.

  For America day I wore an America poi necktie that I got for 100yen
at daiso. It's pretty cool. We also went to a matsuri out in the
boonies of Takaoka, that was pretty fun. I met a Japanese cowboy.
Though I'm not sure how much cowboyin' he's actually done. His English
was pretty good tho.
Happy America day!

    Yesterday was the highlight of the week. One of our investigators
came to church, finally! He only stayed for seisankai, but hopefully
he felt the spirit of everyone's testimonies. We also taught the
little boy again and gave him chocolate for praying everyday. Later he
came to me and said that the other primary kids want chocolate too. I
said if they pray everyday and serve missions, I'll give them
chocolate too. Haha. Guess I'll bring more chocolate to church next

      Well, we met our returned missionary friend again last Monday. He
helps us a lot and he's a total bro, but most of all, for me, he has
shown me an example of what kind of person I want to become after my
mission. I mentioned to him that I go home in 6 months, he responded
with the advice "stay focused" and testified of the blessings of
dendo. So cool.
Happy America day!

      I just want to leave my testimony again that the Lord directs
this work. He calls righteous people like mission presidents,
apostles, and prophets to direct the work, and they leave, pass on,
and someone new comes to take their place. But Jesus Christ is always
there. He is always commanding this ship.

   We are so excited to meet President Ishii tomorrow and welcome him
to our mission. I love y'all so much and wish all my fellow Americans a
happy 4th of July on the 6th!

Watdawg Watkins Choro

Last picture of the Yamashitas.
First picture of the Ishiis! We are going to meet them tomorrow!
Rainy season!
Party in the techno dome!

Party in the techno dome!
Tanabata matsuri

Tanabata matsuri


Shooting star!
Masks of riders and rangers

My little pony #friendshipismagic

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