Monday, August 3, 2015

Meet Za Morumon

Traditional dancers

Hey folks!

  Week 7 of this especially long transfer. Craziness! Last week we
finally finished the lessons for the little boy. Now it's all up to
his mom and the members to get him baptized. I really hope that it
happens this week so I can be there for it. If it's any later I'm
afraid I might have transferred by then.

 Yesterday we watched Meet the Mormons with everybody at church. It
was dubbed in Japanese, but I understood most of it okay. It is a very
good documentary about the lives of some members. Way cool.

  The Tanabata matsuri, a star festival, just started on Saturday. It
goes on for a whole week and is practically right outside our
apartment. It is very fun to go out there and see everyone being genki
and to talk with some friendly people. We are going there today for a
district activity so that should be fun. Lots of food and music there.

  Well I'm starting to get a little nervous for transfer calls. This
next one could determine the rest of my mission. There are so many
places I'd love to see in the mission, but I'd also like to stay in
Takaoka for another transfer. I've been thinking a lot lately of how I
just love this Ward and this area. I really feel like part of the ward
family. Anything could happen, I'm just gonna leave the fate of my
mission in The Lord's hands. For He is the author of the story, and He
knows how it ends. So I know that it will be the best.

 Not a lot to say this week other than when you don't know what you
want or are unsure of what's gonna happen, trust God, He will make it
alright. Perhaps you non missionaries have more use of freedom of
choice, but God the the author of all things, if you trust Him, you
will see how things get better. Such is what I've learned time and
again on the mission.

Well, I'm a missionary, and an adventurer. I'm not a husband or a
father, but I've been a mom a few times. My name is Elder Watkins, and
I'm a Mormon.

With love! :D

Happy 89th birthday to my Great Grandmother this week!
Toyama Grousers basket ball team

Fountain! I wanna swim!



Tana Bata Matsuri

Dana choro

Party in the streets

iPad life

Traditional dancers
I defend this city!

Dana at the big party

These kids were way sick dancers!

Wish tree

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