Wednesday, July 2, 2014

That's Way Sick


 I am just getting over a bad cold from last week. It was terrible, we had to stay in the apartment all day. But I'm better now.

   When I was in the apartment feeling bad I watched the District on DVD. That helped me keep up my dendo fire and determination to get well.

  I also got a letter from home. Lots of good things were in this letter, including a news of a man being baptized in my home ward in Conway. I recognized his name, he was a man that I had taught with the missionaries, Elders Phillips, Houghton, and Maurer a whole year ago! I was way excited. It made me want to jump out of the apartment and tell everybody about the gospel and baptize everybody!

  And so we see that tho it may take a while, the gospel can really change people's lives. I have also seen this with the recently baptized member of our Nagano Branch and how his life has gotten better in just 4 months because of the gospel. I encourage all of you to never give up on your friends and always invite others to come unto Christ.

  Today we are going to the ninja mountain again! I forgot to bring my camera to the church so sorry, pictures will have to wait until next week. Don't worry there wasn't anything too cool this time.

  I love you all, Shout outs to Grandma Parker for her 31st birthday!

Take care all,
Elder Watkins

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