Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Amerikajin Poi!

Awesome District Activity on Pday!

Me and Yama

Awesome District Activity on Pday!

Dear fellow Americans,

    Hope y'all had a great party over there. We had work as usual, but we where still able to celebrate on our own. We had a pretty fun week.

   I went on a kokan with Mueller Choro in Ueda. We talked about revelation. It is a great gift and with it we can learn of God's will for each of us right now. It's crazy sometimes, but as we trust in Him, we will be changed into what he wants us to become, like Him.

    We also visited the Ezaki K and Yamaguchi K again. I love them! I am so blessed to be able to be here for another transfer with them! The kids love the fact that I love Super Sentai and Kamen Rider too. One little boy pulled out his toys and a book with all the Riders in it for me to look at. And of course there is a familiar feeling at both these homes, as though I were back at my home with my friends and family.

  At the Ezakis, Yamada Choro taught us all a cool magic trick with cards. Everyone loved it. Nielson Shimai got really good at it haha.

  This next weekend we have interviews with that wise sage, Yamashita Kaicho. Remember that Lion or Sheep, Who's Child are You talk I told you about? President Yamashita had it published in the August addition of the Ensign and Liahona. I invited you all to read it.

   Well that's all I have, next some photos!

Love all you Americans! Take care.

Elder Cullen Watkins
After ZTM

America Day!

Bball champ!

Budou Arms!

Card tricks!

Catz Cafe

Catz Cafe

Catz Cafe

Catz Cafe unlimited parfaits!

Drawing of Ezaki Kyodai by Nielson Shimai!

Nielson Shimai's drawings of people.

Ezaki cookout!

Ezaki cookout!

Ezaki family!

Ninja adventure!

Ninja house

Ninja house

Ninja Storm!

Puppies at pet store!

Puppies at pet store!

Rider blocks?

Suwa and Ina people

Yamaguchi FHE!

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