Wednesday, July 16, 2014

With all the force of a Great Typhoon!

Shyabu shyabu resturaunt last Pday. Oishii yo!

Do these make me look smart?

Last week the biggest Typhoon in 3 years was hitting Japan. Very big, very slow. Everybody was batting down the hatches. There have been clouds and rain and a little thunder everyday recently.

  Then Thursday, the day it was expected to hit. During morning studies we get the text message from the Mission Office; "The following areas are not allowed to leave their apartments today due to the typhoon. Do not leave your apartment today, even if it looks nice out." The list of "lock-down" areas included the entire mission except for twelve missionaries in Kanazowa Zone. So we were stuck inside all day. And the best part? The Typhoon was NOTHING. Just some rain, like usual. So disappointing. But we stayed in just in case as ordered, and cleaned the apartment, updated records, planned, studied, and took a nap. Also made some awesome Hayashi Rice. It was boring but also a nice break.

   After that I went on one of our famous kokans with Elder Beck in Ueda. We had Baskin Robbins! 31 flavors of yum! We also sang High School Musical's "Scream" by Troy Bolton while dendoing haha. It was fun. Then we went to Matsumoto for interviews with President Yamashita. There was also a big multistake Super Saturday for the Seminary kids. So it was busy there. It made me miss youth activities again.

   Interviews with Yamashita Kaicho were great, very spiritual. He gave each of us a Priesthood Blessing. I haven't had a blessing given to me since I left for my mission. Then President Yamashita came out and gave a talk to all of us missionaries. The spirit was so strong in there. He talked about how he's been Mission President for a year now and he's been thinking about what he's done and how to improve. I love when he speaks, it's always so powerful and inspiring.

   Well I hope you all are having a good summer. It's hot here in Nagano ken, but there is a nice breeze around.

Take care and have a great one!

ワトキンズ 長老
Baskin Robins, yum!

Chiba Choros picture in the Matsumoto church, haha!

Doctor Who meets Missionaries.

Toy store with Elder Beck.

Full moon

Mister Donut, so good!

My planner

My wall

Homemade Power Rangers poster.

Old First Presidency above my desk.

My toe socks :)

Yama chan making some food.

Yamada choro being bored.

The so called Typhoon.

Nagano Zone chillin

Nagano Zone chillin

Nagano Zone chillin

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