Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Transfers: Episode 4 A New Companion

Me and my new Doryo, Yamada Choro!

Elders Witwer and Mahoney from Suwa in the train back.

Minna san konnichiwa!

  We traveled so much this week and I'm broke because of it. But it has been fun! I got Elder Yamada from Nagoya on Tuesday. It was a very small transfer this time. I dropped Chiba choro off in Matsumoto on the way and went with Elder Witwer from our zone to the Golden Clock. There weren't a lot of people but I saw Father Tanner! One of my best friends from my MTC Doki. He has been Yamada choro's companion last transfer. Now he and Smith Choro will be living in the same apartment. Not companions but still, really funny!

   Elder Yamada is my first Companion from Utah! He is also half Japanese like all of my previous companions. He has been out for a year. Way smart. And fun. I like him!

  This week it rained harder than I've ever seen in my life and we rode bikes through it all the way home. It was crazy!

  This weekend we had District Conference (Stake Conference). Our mission President, Yamashita Kaicho spoke on Saturday night. We spent the night in the Matsumoto Elders apartment, which is were Chiba lives now. Chiba choro is my mom, so I stayed at my moms house haha. It was like another camp out with 14 elders like last time. Way fun!

 Sunday morning was a broadcast. Elder Walker of the 70 spoke, in Japanese! I didn't know he served in Japan! That was cool. Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 spoke too, in English. And a few other speakers. They were all great! They spoke of members and missionaries working together and said that the "Corps of missionaries in Japan are some of the finest in the world". I thought that was fantastic.

  Elder Yamada and I are working hard to see miracles in Nagano this transfer! Please pray for us. And I'm praying for you all! I love you so much!

Have a great week,
Elder Cullen Watkins
My boy Father Tanner!

Gathering at the clock.


Checking the bikes.

We found Walmart stuff.

Matsumoto for the night.

Kyouryuger animal crackers!

Kyouryuger animal crackers!

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