Monday, June 16, 2014

Ya, mada Nagano! =DDDD

Takei family! Yay food! They remind me of Grandma and Grandaddy Parker.

Which means yay I'm still in Nagano!!!! It's also a pun because I'm getting a new companion, Elder Yamada! He trained my MTC Companion Brown Choro and is currently companions with my bro Tanner Choro. This is my 3rd companion here in Nagano. Man I'm so happy to stay!

  Of course this means that Chiba Choro is transferring, but he ain't going far because... he's our new Zone Leader! So I'll see him at Conference and also get to do kokans with him since Yamada Choro is District Leader. Pretty cool.

  The sisters are the same too! And with this being Nielson Shimai's last Transfer, we all get to watch her "die". Haha. Also the Ueda Elders are the same too!

  I also heard from my Pops, TuAkoi Choro, he's going District Leader at Transfer 6! That's young. He really is "Super Bean".

   So last week I went on a kokan with Beck Choro in Ueda. Ueda is like the most forgotten area in the mission. Nobody knows where it is haha. But it is a magical little place. Something funny always happens when I go. This time we had to run after a train in the pouring rain. No rain suits, no umbrellas. Fun!

    We also had a Branch Okonomiyaki party! It was hosted by the Young Women or Wakai Josei in Japanese. They made cookies, takoyaki, and okonomiyaki for us while we played ping pong with the primary children. It was way fun. Some of the primary kids told the young women about my knowledge of Kamen Rider transformations. They asked me to perform some, so they would all call out rider's names and I'd do the pose. Everyone, including the Relief Society President, loved it and said it was very impressive. So funny!

  Well next week we are having District Conference in Matsumoto so there could be another "camp out". And of course tomorrow I'm heading to the capital at the golden clock to get my new doryo. Not as many folks are switching this time so it won't be as awe inspiring as last transfer, but I will provide some God's Army photos next week.

   Please pray that we will have a great transfer in Nagano for my 4th transfer. Some of our investigators are close to baptism. Please pray for them and that we can know what they need. As always I'm praying for y'all as well... always.

Love y'all,
Wat chan, in Nagano =)
Playing basket ball with our friend.

We sang "Let it go" from Frozen in Japanese and English while making cookies!




Making Okonomiyaki and stuff!

New Sentai Hero!!! An orange ranger!!! Yeah son!

Playing ping pong!

Our Yogen board (prophesy board) about transfers. I was voted off the island! Haha.

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