Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Monkey Ninjas Attack!!!!

Nagano Zone

Nagano Zone


Today we went on a road trip to a place called "Hell Park" which is a famous park for Monkeys! So today the 6 of us played with the monkeys and had lunch in the mountain trail. It was fun and good to get into the woods for a bit.

  Friday we did Zone Conference in Matsumoto. I gotta say again how much I love my mission president. He's soo wacky sometimes and way funny and also wise and filled with the spirit. The Assistants to the President made awesome videos that got us pumped up for dendo! Me and some of my photos were in one of them. Just a little bit. They rocked. I was inspired this Zone Conference to do more 100% OYM, Open Your Mouth, to everybody around us, even if I just say hi.

  They also invited us to read "The Power of the Everyday Missionary". I will begin reading it this week, but I hear it is a great resource for everyone to learn how to do dendo in our everyday lives.

  On Saturday we had a cookout and FHE at the Ezaki K's home. It was great, that family makes up pretty much most of the Youth group in the Branch. There are 5 kids. They remind me so much of home. The times when we'd get everybody together for a party at the house and sometimes the Missionaries would show up. It was great. I remarked to Ezaki Shimai that they reminded me of home. They are so great and told us stories about their missions too.

  I love it here in Nagano. Like I said it is hard sometimes, but I love the people and the work I've been sent here to do.

   Love you all and praying for y'all everyday!

Cullen Watkins Choro
Chiba Choro is a monkey too!

My friends!

Beck Choro wanted to share the message with them!

Chiba Choro chillin in the backity back


Cookout with Ezaki K!

Keep Calm and Morm On!

Nielson Shimai

Peterson and Nielson

Peterson and Nielson

Sister Nielson and her cool retro camera!

Us on an awesome cliff!

Monkey Park!

Monkey Park!

Feels good to be out in the wild!

Monkey Park!


Monkeys are interesting.

Monkey Park!

Monkey Park!
Road trip! Mueller and Beck from Ueda

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