Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Hilton Scandal

After DTM at a Ramen resturaunt. The Zone Leaders are there too but only Hilton Choro is in the picture haha!

Dear family and friends,

   How are you? No I do not have a rash, that is classic sun burn. Its gone now. And I wear sunscreen all the time now. President and Sister Yamashita saw me two weeks ago when I had sunburn and told me to wear sunscreen. Other wise I'm fine, just drenched from the crazy rain we've been having.

    This week I had my first Zone Leader kokan with our Zone Leader Elder Hilton. We did a lot of OYM and talked to a lot of interesting people. It was cool. I am getting over my fear of talking to people. Elder Hilton also taught me how to keep the apartment clean haha. He is leaving for home next week as this is his last transfer. Two years fly by, he tells me. Enjoy your "youth" make everyday count.

   I was thinking about that a lot and I decided to ask myself daily, "Have I filled the Missionary Purpose of invite others to come unto Christ". That really puts things in perspective for me as I go about my day. Also I've been reading that book and I have another challenge for you all.

 If you can, obtain a copy of "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clayton M. Christensen, read it, and apply it to your everyday dendo and your church callings. It is filled with many great ideas and perspectives that I've never heard of before and really are great.

   Well... its week 6 again.... you know what that means; transfer calls on Saturday. There is a larger chance of me being transferred this time. I don't want to really, but I am excited to see the other places. Maybe just one more transfer in Nagano. Maybe I won't transfer. I guess we will see. So let's make this week the best regardless!

  I love you all and pray for you often.

Shout outs to Grandma and Grandaddy Parker who just celebrated their wedding anniversary!

Elder Cullen E. Watkins

PS: I hold the record for eating 10 parfaits at Catz Cafe tabehodai (all you can eat). Haha.

Mission culture bookmark, we recite this everyday.

Cool card I got from John and Joy Belcher, thank you so much!

Our Eikaiwa (English conversation) Chirashi (flyer).

Kamen Rider DVDS looking cool!

Me and Go-Onger Ranger Green

I found Power Rangers DVDs, not Super Sentai, American Power Rangers.

My Dictionary
My Scriptures

Calendar that Chiba Choro got me.

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