Wednesday, May 28, 2014

We saw the Pizza Man

Okonomiyaki Tabe hodai thanks to Ezaki Kyoudai!

Konnichiwa! This week we saw a lot of members!

Have I told you how awesome they all are? Takei Shimai gave me a haircut for free while Takei Kyodai made his delicious homemade pizza for us! He is so creative with it too, he makes this honey pizza, blueberry jam pizza, and anything else delicious. We had food after church again yesterday and he made his pizzas, they where all gone in less than 30 seconds!

  Of course some of you have heard of Ezaki Kyodai. He always goes out of his way to snatch up us missionaries for adventures in visiting people everywhere on the edge of the area (which is huge) and eating at all you can eat Tabehodais with only the most delicious food. BTW Denny's here is way good! We had such adventures last week and will visit his whole family soon.

   Then there's the Branch President Takei Kaicho and the other Takei Shimai. Takei Shimai is exactly Grandma Parker if she were Japanese, she made sure she made only our favorite foods and even sent the leftovers home with us. We all shared our favorite scriptures and why. They are so nice.

   And many other amazing members there are in the Nagano Branch. They all live really far away from the church, but they are all like a family and are always inviting us over or dendoing with us. I am really blessed to be in this area.

   Well I found a new favorite hymn, 112 "Savior Redeemer of My Soul". The lyrics and melody help me remember the peace and comfort that the Savior and His Atonement has given me in tough times. And how relying on Him has made me stronger. I invite you all to check it out sometime this week.

   Today we're off to Catz Cafe for all you can eat Parfes, wish me luck!

Love y'all bunches,
Watdawg Choro
I've taken on the name of my father.


Basketball at our friends house!

Basketball at our friends house!

Me morphing into Carnival mode.

Got these from my friends the Belchers!!! Many thanks!

Got these from my friends the Belchers!!! Many thanks!

Nielson Shimai feeling patriotic.

Okonomiyaki Tabe hodai thanks to Ezaki Kyoudai!

This is for the boys at the Cabinets!

Mommy would like this!

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