Saturday, August 15, 2015

Till we meet again...

Looks like my time in Takaoka is at an end. I am transferring back to
Aichi ken, my next and probably final area is the Toyohashi Ward in
the Nagoya East Stake. This is my third area in that stake. I will be
in the Okazaki zone. My new companion is once again a transfer 3
missionary, but I've never met him before. His name is Elder Gifford
from Utah. Elder Dana's new companion is the big man himself, Elder
Smith! That should be fun.
Transfer calls!

I have to say, I never thought I'd find an area that would beat
Nagano, and I still haven't, but Takaoka come pretty close, it is
officially my second favorite area of my past 4 areas. I met a lot of
people who taught me a lot and we worked hard and had lots of fun
here. Still didn't get that golden baptism, but we came pretty close
more than once and saw many miracles.

 I really feel like a part of the ward family here. I felt so much
love at church yesterday as a gave my farewell testimony, and said
goodbye to everyone. Everyone had lots of good things to say to me. It
was a real honor to work with them all. Some of them invited us to
dinner yesterday, and lunch today. The Bishop's son received the
Aaronic priesthood yesterday, and they asked me and my companion to
join in the ordination with him. That was so special as it reminded me
of when I was in young men's, and the many ordinations I'd seen
Skype mogi with our Zone Leader, Elder Grilo

 As we left the church building, the remaining few people in the
church came out to wave us off. Hayashi kyoudai began teasingly
singing the lyrics to "God be with you till we meet again". They all
waved goodbye as we rode away, I've never seen a farewell like that on
my mission before. It was pretty cool.

  I told them I would come back again someday, I don't know when, but
in this gospel things are eternal. So at some point in the future I
will definitely see each of them again. I don't think I can forget
them so easily, they have each touched my heart and helped me in just
4 short months.

  Well for my last area, there were places I wanted to go and
missionaries I wanted to work with, but like I said last week, the
Lord has a better plan. So I'm going to an area I never thought I'd go
to, with a companion I've never met before, but I trust in the Lord
that it will be the best 3 transfers of these best 2 years.

  Well I love yall a lot. Thank you for your prayers. Hope you all
have a great week, God be with you till we meet again.

Elder Watkins
Nagano, Seto, Nonami, Takaoka, Toyohashi

District Activity in Takaoka

Takayama, Toyama, and Takaoka District

Big gate in Toyama

Toyama Black Ramen

It's ginger ale guys, haha!


Honestly the best ramen I've ever had

The Hererras from Texas! Going back next week.

My RM bro Hayashi Kyoudai!

Gonna miss this dude

Bye bye members!

Mana chan, so cute!

Kitchen duty farewell

Dinner at the Yoshidas! I love them!

Stuffs gone

Here we go again!

Bye bye English Students!

I'm gonna miss my melon pan ice shop!

Sooooo good!

Wish tree

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