Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Sach Mac Mon is true!

Me & Abe Choro

That's what they call the Book of Mormon in Vietnam.

This week was crazy! We saw the Lord's hand in the work a lot.
Yesterday we met our yakusokusha, he couldn't make the date of
Saturday, so we are now going for the back up date of this Saturday
the sixth. We were nervous about teaching the commandments. I
personally have never taught them before and we had cause to think
that he would have a problem with certain of them. We studied and
prayed a lot for this, then we went to his place to teach. We could
feel the Spirit just take control of that lesson. He was receptive and
understood everything, even before we'd said anything about it. When
we got to the presumed "problem" commandment, at the right moment, I
felt prompted to ask two simple questions. I did and his responses
changed everything. Turns out he had no problems with anything and our
grounds for worry were proven false. Elder Miranda and was able to
deduce further the details which could have only been the Spirit's
guidance. He committed to keep all of the commandments as had been
explained. We were so thrilled, now just 1 more lesson and an
interview with the District leader. Miracles!

  Other than that, last weekend I went on a Kokan to a very legendary
part of the mission called Takayama. Elder Beck used to work there and
he told countless stories from there. It's wayyyy out in the boonies, 4
hours by train, and very country, with mountains. Yet it is a way
popular tourist destination. There are a lot of gaijin from all over
the world in the streets. There's even tales of a local cult that does
dark magic type things, the rather large base of whom can be seen
peeking of a mountain from the missionary apartment.

  I went there with Elder Nakamoto 's bean, Abe Choro (AhBeh) from
Hokkaido Japan. He has only been on his mission for 1 week. It was my
first time dendoing with a nihonjin since a year ago when I was
companions with Chiba Choro. It was way fun! I was able to help him
with his finding and teaching skills. We practiced lesson 1 together.
Even though he already knows the language, he still needed help, that
was interesting for me to see.

   So many other things this week, we had a spiritual ZTM, 2 tachiai
lessons with some funny investigators, and so much more. I am so glad
I can see the hand of the Lord in my mission, and the miracles that
come with it. Please pray that we can have the baptism this Saturday.
We are going to do our best and work harder everyday.

Having computer issues today so the Takayama adventure pictures will
have to wait til next time. In the mean time perhaps something I took
with my iPad will suffice.

I love the Lord, my investigators, the members, and all of you.

Have a great week!
Elder Watkins

Here's some pics from my trip to Takayama, our pit stop in Toyama, the Fukuoka ski in Takaoka, and stuff. Enjoy! 

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