Thursday, May 28, 2015

Transfer 12: Isogashii!!

FHE with the Yoshida family!!! (Bishop's family)

Isogashii means busy, which if last week was any indication, this transfer will be very busy.

  We had a few lessons, biked way far into the country to see people, did yard work for a member, had sports night with lots of members, less actives, and non members, and we have our yakusokusha from Vietnam. He has to get baptized either this Saturday or the next! I was running around church like a chicken with its head cut off yesterday trying to figure out all the problems and things we need for this guy to get baptized. It was really fun actually, this week is also going to be focused towards that goal as well as a few other teaching appointments.

   And you know it feels great to be busy! Its taihen and stressful and we are so tired at the end of the day and then we have a ton of phone calls to make. But I feel like a real missionary, like we are actually doing something other than scouring Japan looking for someone who'll listen. Its great!

  But please pray for us to be able to reach our goals and be effective teachers. My teaching is way rusty. I actually have to teach about the commandments like word of wisdom this week. I've never gotten that far before. We can do it but only with the Lord's help.

   Well speaking of, we gotta fly and do other fun pday stuff, so let me just leave you with one other thought; I read my patriarchal blessing today and it only has 2 sentences about my mission. I used to think "well that's no help" But recently I realized that the whole blessing has to do with my whole life so looking at it that way, my blessing is actually all about my mission because right now that is my life. Food for thought for y'all there.

   Love y'all,
Elder Watkins

Happy Birthday to Aunt Melissa!!!
Real Gold!

Service at a members house.

Rice fields
Big chicken

Boy Scouts outside our apartment?

Don't see this everyday.

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