Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Up, down, and around the World

Out to preach

Hey all!

Had a bunch of fun skyping everyone yesterday! The whole family was
there and 2 of my best pals joined in too. It was great.

 This week was a series of ups and downs for me. Monday I crashed my
bike, I messed up the gears and got cuts on my hands. Tuesday I got it
fixed and the guy did it free of charge. "God's blessing" he said in
English. That was cool.
Around town

   Another one is we were dendoing on Saturday morning and I got a
nose bleed randomly. I went to the nearest restroom and when I got out
I looked like I'd been in a gun fight. So we went all the way back to
base, changed, and went all the way back. After that we got some melon
pan ice, a special treat in town. The workers know the missionaries
and were happy to see us. Then they said, they'd put in extra ice
cream for us. I was way happy about that.

 I also tried sushi this week. I hadn't done it yet since I don't
like seafood and I'm kind of chicken I guess, but I had a salmon one
and it was pretty good. We got a video of the occasion.
Around town

      Next week is transfer calls, I think it will be President
Yamashitas last time doing them, if I'm not mistaken. Strange to think
already another transfer in the books after one week. We have a goal
to all see a baptism per companionship in the mission for when the
Yamashitas leave and the Ishiis come. I know that with a little faith
we can do it. Just like The Savior said we could, move mountains, walk
on water, part the sea. We need to act on our faith, which I believe
we have a good supply of.

Love you as always, have a great week, Happy Mother's Day!
Elder Watkins
the fam!!!

My baby cousin!

My puppy Cinnamon!

My buds Sheldon and Shane
Big Buddha

The famous Big Buddha of Takaoka

Look closely at the sword
Big fish

Wow! that brings back memories

Wow! that brings back memories

My new Megazord figure :)
Go Go Curry!

This is Melon Pan guys, sooo good!


Takaoka Ward chapel

right next to a rice field

Us at church

Us at church

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