Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Golden Week, Golden City

us 4 in Taikoyama land

Happy Golden week everybody!! It is a week of Japanese holidays. Today is Greenery day, tomorrow is Kids Day, yesterday was Constitutional memorial day, and last week we had Showa day, with other stuff mixed in between. So there have been lots of parties and celebration going on. We had a ward BBQ and that was way fun! So much food from Brazil, Philippines, and Japan. We got to play with the kids for a bit, talk to everybody, eat, and the brethren even played some American Football. Just like America!

    Friday we had a Matsuri in Takaoka, first one I've seen since the big one in Seto. It was way crowded! There was a live band and lots of friendly, genki people. We invited a lot of people to Eikaiwa and talk about the church to a few folks. It was super fun.

   On saturday and sunday we had stake conference in Kanazawa. We got there early since we went with the Bishop, so we spent about 3 hours dendoing in Kanazawa. We explored the city and I have to say it is probably the most beautiful city I've ever been to. There were lots of people out, everyone was genki, there was the big old castle, lots of big buildings and stores, there was even a Mister Donut with 4 floors! I just loved it, and so did the other missionaries, we all want to transfer there now!

   We saw one elder at stake conference for the last time, he is going home early today for medical reasons, but he will be reassigned to a different mission. He has only been out about 6 months, he is a friend to us all. It is inspiring to me to see him go out and work hard in spite of whatever may try to hold him back. I know he will change lives no matter where he goes. He has done just that out here for us.

  It made me think again though, of how these 2 years aren't promised to us, we should use the time we have to its full extent and make an impact that will last a lifetime (or forever as the case may be).

     Well we have Mother's Day coming up and I will be skyping my family for the last time before I return in December. Tanoshimi! (excited).

Love you all a ton,
Elder Watkins
Taikoyama Land!
Me and Elder Cowan

Melon Pan ice on my kokan with Elder Esplin


Girls from kids eikaiwa, so cute!


Filipino cooking!

Young women making yakisoba

The drinks!


Sakamoto Kyoudai, the host with the most!

Elder Smith playing some jams on a members guitar


Dudes dancing to grease lightning




Dendo in kanazawa

Dendo in kanazawa


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