Monday, May 5, 2014

Bean Chan no More!

Chillin in Togakushi mountain!

Chillin in Togakushi mountain!

Very interesting and fun week as we end transfer two here in Nagano. The Assistants to the President gave us the call on Saturday and told us who was voted off the island. Unlike back home, there are no mysteries after the transfer call so we already know our new areas and companions.

  So here are the results: I am staying in Nagano, yay! My new companion will also be the new District Leader, his name is Chiba Choro, never heard of him before. He's my first full Japanese companion from Japan! That's way exciting. We got to call him on the phone, he seems pretty nice. Y'all will get to meet him next week.

    TuAkoi Choro will be going to Fukui, this is his first time transferring. His new companion is my MTC buddy Moulton Choro! I got to talk to him on the phone too. That should be a fun companionship. For the sisters, Avarell Shimai is transferring to Nonami as a trainer and Nielson is staying here. This is interesting since Neilson has been here longer, she was already packed and everything, haha. Furthermore, every companionship in the mission has someone transferring out, so basically tomorrow every single missionary will be together at the Golden Clock. And that's a lot. So expect some pretty cool photos next week!

    This week we've worked hard and played hard. We had a member in all of our lessons, went to a ninja house in Togakushi, and had a pretty spiritual testimony meeting at church yesterday.

     The circle is now complete, I am done with the 12 week training, but as a missionary, training never really ends. Heavenly Father is always finding new ways to make us stretch, stand a little taller, and come unto Him with as many souls as we can find and teach. This is His work and I know that He has put me in Nagano Branch at this time with these people, for me to learn, and for me to teach. So please pray for our new adventures and also yoroshiku onagaishimasu with Chiba Choro.

 I hope that you all will read Preach My Gospel like I asked before, it will help you all in your missionary work too.

So here we go into a new time, new doryo, same place. Number 3!!!

Love you all,
Cullen E. "Watdawg" Watkins
Chillin in Togakushi mountain!

Chillin in Togakushi mountain!

TuAkoi Choro

    Basketball dendo

    bball dendo

    Lock Seed and bball dendo

Fourze on DVD!

Our friend in a wig.

Our friend in a wig.

What my trainer got me! Gonna miss this guy!

New thingy

Morning workouts at the Olympic Park just by our apartment!

Morning workouts at the Olympic Park just by our apartment!

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