Monday, April 28, 2014

The Proud Family

Me at the Yamaguchis.


 Way fun week this Sempai week! We got to dendo with our Assistants to the President and they filmed us OYMing for a special training video! Way funny, TuAkoi is an OYM master!

  We went to Ueda and teamed up with Baird and Beck Choro there, spent the night and all four of us got stuck in the train system together on the way to Matsumoto. It took 4 hours and we kept going in circles!

  We had our interviews with Ymashita Kaicho. I love that man, he is so kind and wise. After, we all had to jet back to Nagano to host the special fireside that Yamashita Kaicho was throwing for our investigators. We had a great turn out. Lots of members brought their friends! We were so happy!

   On Sunday we had Shokujikai/food after church, and lots of new people came! It was way cool. Then we went to have FHE with the Yamaguchi family again. Love them.

  Its been pretty good. I am learning more about being a leader this week too.

   I loved hanging out with the other Elders. We have inside jokes and everything. And miracles always happen on kokans. This time nobody said no to us!

 Well wish me luck this week too! We work harder and harder with a big smile!

Love you all! Shout out to Parker Phillips and Hannah and Jamie and William Sheeley on their weddings! Also Shout out to Sheldon who is going on his mission to Ogden, UT Spanish speaking!!

take care,
Cullen Watkins Choro
Our apartment

This is where we sleep. Those are our futons.

Kids love Avarell Shimai

Mormon Sho at Catz Cafe

Strange people

Nagano Branch Linger Longer

Nagano Branch Linger Longer

Japanese Toys R Us!

An isle of all SENTAI and RIDER!



Visited Yamaguchis again! So cool!

TuAkoi and our member friend Tezuka who was baptized before I came here.

FHE with the Yamaguchi family!

Yamaguchi Kyoudai built the house himself!

Yamaguchi mountain

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