Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Do Dumb Things With Your Smart Phone

Conference watchers!

Happy General Conference! 184 years of Truth! #ldsconf #getout #selfie

   This week we did a lot of Bouken Dendo. Adventures! We hiked a mountain and walked in the country from one train station to the next. We also met an awesome break dance artist who dances with a soccer ball! So mind blowing! Suge jan as we might say.

   So we had a big party! Around here General Conference is more like Stake Conference, everyone goes to the Stake Center (or District Center in our case) both days to watch it. It is a regular family event! There were a few different rooms besides the chapel to watch it in. All us english speakers, basically all the missionaries, watched it in english in a room upstairs. And we got a ride with a member instead of taking the train like usual, yay for saving okane! (money)

  I loved Eyring Koncho's talk on heroes in particular. It reminded me of all of my Priesthood role models back home who helped me figure out what I wanted to become. My Dad, Grandaddy, Bishop, YMs President, Scoutmaster, and others right up to some men I've met here on my mission, have all set the example for me to follow Christ and rather than talk about serving, serve.

     Well we crammed a bunch of elders into one apartment for a night. It was like going on a scout campout again! I had an enjoyable time getting to know these other missionaries and listening to conference with them all.

    I would like to extend Ballard Choro's invitation to read Preach My Gospel to all of my friends and family. I love PMG, I read it everyday and live by what it teaches. It can help us all be better missionaries and help others come unto Christ.

Love you all as always and thanks for telling me when Easter is,
Cullen E. Watkins Choro
12 Elders 1 Apartment

12 Elders 1 Apartment

District Training Meeting via Skype

Fun fridge saying

Fun fridge saying

Mountaineer Cullen

Sakura trees blooming!

TuAkoi Choro

OOOs Lock Seed


Mario Game

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