Monday, October 5, 2015

Faith Project

Us emailing you!!!

Sorry for the lack of pictures this week! I'll do better next time!

 Most of our investigators couldn't meet this week so we had to
improvise. Luckily it only rained once this week! We had fun anyway
finding new investigators and visiting less actives. We did meet with
one new investigator and it went really well, so we hope she continues
to progress. Faith! :)

 President Whiting of the Area Presidency has started a project in
our mission. Only our mission is doing it in Japan, but maybe it will
spread out later. It is called "faith project." Basically there is a
set of scriptures we read everyday about faith, and we are to think of
how we can use our faith and pray for it. The goal is to boost our
strength and see success!

 With that, Ishii kaicho has started a Book of Mormon project as
well. Basically, read the entire Book of Mormon by New Year's Eve.
Following a schedule, we are to read 2 to 3 chapters everyday and also
look for specific things to mark in it. We've been given a special
copy of the Book of Mormon to do this with. The purpose is to help us
all to be personally converted. We all need to have our own conversion
experience, so this should help us spark that dendo fire in our
hearts. It will also be good for me as I come to the close of this
missionary life.

  I translated for the ZTM were they talked about this, but this
time I was asked to also translate the things our Japanese Zone Leader
said into English for the 5 bean chans in the zone. So I had to talk
the entire time! It was fun! I just drank a lot of water throughout.
Also, last time I mentioned I was the second oldest in the zone, but
now that Elder Larson has transferred, I am the single oldest
missionary in the Okazaki zone! Blahh! I'm so old. But it's cool too
because all the younger missionaries know who I am and I can tell a
lot of dendo stories. Haha!

   Another weird thing our senior couple, the Suzuki's, are getting
transferred! They're going to Kasugai in the Meito Zone. That's really
rare for a senior couple to transfer. Apparently they are the only
couple missionaries left besides the ones in the honbu. It'll be sad
to see them go in a few weeks.

   Well it's almost time for general conference. They announced the
new apostles in sacrament yesterday; then I saw on my iPad. Elders
Rasband and Stevenson are great! I saw them both at the MTC and they
came to the Nagoya Mission in February with Elder Ballard. So now I've
shook hands with four Apostles! I really love those two, particularly
Elder Stevenson since he was the Nagoya Mission President once and
speaks Japanese. Can't wait to hear from them this weekend!

  Elder McArther is doing good. We are having fun and using faith.
Some times it feels like things are really slow, but I've got a good
comp, and I'm willing to exercise the faith to see a baptism. Thanks
for your prayers! You rock.

Love you all so much!
Elder Watkins
Pumpkin girl at bookstore. She plays Taylor Swift music on her radio.
New Masked Rider! Might get it later, birthday maybe?
Nagoya mission reunion! They have one at every general conference! Many of my dear friends and
companions are in this picture, can you spot them?

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