Monday, January 5, 2015

Samurai Shogatsu Surprises!

Samurai Forever!!

Akemashite Omedetou!!!!
  First email of 2015! In Japan new years is a very important time. All the shops close and everyone spends time with their family for the week. How nice, except for dendo. No one on the street. No one wants to talk to you. What do? 

Good thing our members rock! We had a lunch/dinner appointment at one of their homes everyday. Plus we had Christmas Zone Conference!
Focus, power, strength, this is the way of
the Samurai.

  Christmas conference is a bit different from normal zone conference. It felt more like we were a family going to our Grandparent's home. President and Sister Yamashita sat us down to a HUGE feast with foods I haven't even seen in a year. And they gave us socks and new ties for the year. Sister Yamashita, as always, sang "Happy Birthday" to all the birthday people including me and gave us ties for our birthday too. She also sang to those of us who got the Ninja grammar award (me). 
Fear me!

  We also watched part of the movie "Meet the Mormons" and talked about how we have the opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of others. President Yamashita also encouraged us to "reset and back up" this new year. We ended with a powerful testimony meeting, that chapel was filled with so much love that day. 
This felt so cool!


Then we got to dress in Samurai kimonos at a member's house. That was way fun. We played games, sang hymns, and shared mission stories with the members as we visited them. I learned so much about them and about the culture. It was a great Shogatsu (New Years).
Kneel before me or feel the wrath of my blade.

 Then a surprise announcement of our new Mission President. President Yamashita is a member of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy, so he only serves 2 years instead of 3. So our new Mission President coming in June, is President Ishii and his wife. He is actually a member of the stake were I'm serving, so all the members know him. I've only heard good things, including that he speaks English. It will be interesting to see what happens when he gets here. We will miss the Yamashitas a lot tho. We love them like our Japanese parents.

  And it is that time again. Please pray for transfer calls next week. I know, already right? I have no clue what will happen. Stay tuned!
  Love y'all a ton! Happy New Year!
Elder Watkins :)

Ready for battle!

Tono Sama (Samurai Lord)

Sato Kyoudai and Shimai fulfilling one of my dreams!

Watokinzu Sama

Sato Kyoudai dressing Elder Mitchell

Samurai Jack (Elder Mitchell's first name)


Wanted: Samurai thug Tana Sama

Tanner Stabbing himself
Samurai golfing
Ohime Sama (a princess)

Cute kimono!


Eating Sukiyaki at Kondo family's house with Sasai Brother on New Year's Day.
 Soo good!

Pub Crazy

Biking in the snow.

This photo can only explain a little of what our Branch President is ... lol

Our new mission tie. "We are one" #weareone2015

Good-bye old brick phone :'(

Feast with the President

President and Sis. Yamashita, love them!

Yamashita Shimai teaching us the Happy Ninja Day song!
Teaching the song.

My award for passing off the Ninja (Japanese Grammar Book). It's the Salt Lake Temple doorknob with 'Japan Nagoya Mission' on the bottom.

Elder Curiel and Elder Naylor singing "What Child is This".
It was awesome!
Me and my companions

The Transfer Board with all the missionaries on it.

Us :)

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