Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Nonami and Kasugai District!


Results: I am staying in Nonami and getting a new companion, Elder Tallent!

Elder Laumatia is transferring after just 1 transfer to Fujieda branch in the Shizuoka Stake.

Elder Tanner is staying in Nonami and training for the 3rd time!

Elder Mitchell is going to the Toyohashi Ward in the Nagoya East Stake.

It's been a crazy transfer with a lot of ups and downs, but I learned a lot. It feels like its been way longer than 6 weeks. In a short time I've really come to love the people here. I was touched as the members said goodbye to my companion, he was only here for 1, has a name that's hard to pronounce and is still working on the language, but they made friends with him and I think he was able to strengthen them through his example.
Me and my island brothers!

I was in 2 areas with Elder Laumatia and he was my first kohai. Him transferring is like my son leaving the nest. It has been a crazy adventure. There were moments in this past transfer were I wanted to give up, but a friend reminded me that I never give up. I just forgot what my purpose really is, to invite others to come unto Christ. I'm not just walking around aimlessly for no reason, I am giving these souls the opportunity to use their agency to hear or not hear the gospel. And it may seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, but there are some here in Japan who are ready to hear. This week I found 2 new contacts, taught 1 investigator lesson, and met 2 less active members. Bit by bit, I'm finally seeing that no effort was wasted.

I knew this before, but it took another kokan with my trainer, Elder TuAkoi, and current companion Elder Laumatia, as a 3nin, to be reminded of these important things. (3nin was really fun btw)

Well I am ready to see some miracles next transfer with Elder Tallent. I know that the Lord is directing this work, and whether I see a baptism or not, I will do my best to see one and invite everyone to come unto Christ, that's my goal.

Much love to you all! Thank you for your prayers!

Elder Watkins

Airi chan!!! <33
Us doofuses being lost

Us doofuses being lost

Us getting lost on the border of our area. (Elder Tanner holding map book cuz no GPS)
Finally found the big Aeon Mall!

Finally found the big Aeon Mall!
Enough said...

We got to have Krispy Kreme! @UncleDavid

Oishii American goodies!

Oishii American goodies!
Our gangsta ZL Elder Bedwell
Trying to find an LA's house

Trying to find an LA's house
"My name's Elder Tanner and I'm a District Leader!" #QotD
Housing with my bruddas
Kids Eikaiwa at Kondo fam's house
Kids Eikaiwa at Kondo fam's house
He's climbin in yo windows, he's snatchin yo people up!
TuAkoi on the latter
Indo Curry like always!
Tim Tam Slammin
Bonus picture from elder tanner!

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