Sunday, December 14, 2014

Transfer 8: The Nonami Sisters

The Shimai left notes and stuff for us in the apartment before they took off. They were both Japanese but they did their best English writing, its kinda funny sometimes. Haha!

Welcome to Nonami!!!

Sunset over Nagoya

Ready to tear up this place!

Our new base

Note from the Shimai. It says "bunable" so cute!

I'm emailing in 'nam!

I'm still in the same stake as Seto. Back in a branch. Nonami is part of Nagoya City. Nagoya has about 5 wards in the city. So I just have a small part of it. It is my smallest area so far.

  It got cold and even snowed a little on Saturday, didn't stick tho. We had a huge church cleaning with the members and got ready for Christmas. It reminded me of decorating Grandma's house with the family.

   The members are really cool, I met the Branch President, who is a single guy, never heard of that before. One of his councilors is an RM from not too long ago, youngest guy I've seen in a branch presidency, perhaps even younger than Brother Carter in Conway. And the Dendo shunin (branch mission leader) is also a young hip kinda guy. He took us out to eat on Saturday night.

   White Washing is soo taihen! I basically have to start from scratch. I haven't found any investigators yet, and I'm way overwhelmed with all the stuff we have to do and both of us just being thrown into the fryer. It's rough. But I have the help of my 'ole pal Elder Tanner who is a great District Leader and his bean who, while still a young missionary, is very good at dendo, better than I was his age.

   This district is very diverse, we have a Japanese elder, a half Japanese elder, a Brazilian sister, and a brand new Argentinian sister. And my comp, Laumatia choro, is Samoan. Its pretty cool.

    The shimai apartment we inherited is way nice. Filled with sweets and way clean. It is strange living by ourselves again tho, I miss having Elder Beck and Klein around. But we will see them this week!

     This week we are having a big mission conference. A member of the 70 is coming to speak to us, Elder Ringwood. Some elders from the Shizuoka Zone will be coming to stay the night with us because they are far away by train. One of these is my infamous old MTC roommate who we all know and love, Elder Smith. Nonami was his bean area so he's way excited to come and see us. And perfect timing because he, Elder Tanner, and myself celebrate our Year Mark this week on the 11th!

   Whoa.... 1 year already? I will talk more about that next week. I love you all and I'm so thankful for your prayers. Somehow we can see 3 baptisms yet, or at least some miracle.

Love y'all,
Watdawg Choro

Tha church!!!

The Elders of 'Nam

Kids Eikaiwa with Inagi Shimai!

Kids Eikaiwa with Inagi Shimai!

Eikaiwa poster with Avarell and Campbell Shimai on it. #falseadvertising

My biggest mall yet!

Christmas trees!

My comp Elder Laumatia

Funny picture at a store

Fat cat outside a convieni

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