Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nagoya or Bust!

We are both transferring together! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! And we are white washing a sister area, noooooooooooooooooooo! I am so nervous! It is part of Nagoya city, the Nonami Branch in the Nagoya East Stake.

   We will be getting the sisters investigators and apartment and live separately from the other elders, my ole mtc buddy elder Tanner and his bean Mitchell. That'll be fun.

   It doesn't feel real tho. Am I really leaving Seto? I really wanted to stay for Christmas. This ward has totally change since I got here. I see a new light in all the members and an excitement for dendo. I feel like as in Nagano, that these people are now my family. I have come to love them with all my heart. I found many important friends here that I was able to help and that helped me.

  It surprised me what some of them said to me as we said goodbye. Koike kyoudai hugged me and thanked me for studying the bible with him every week. He always says we are the treasure of this church, but told him that he was the treasure. I love that old man.

    And bishop Ikeda, placed his hand on my shoulder and said to me that he really liked me and thought that I was a good missionary. When I first met him I never thought he would ever say anything like that. He too has grown and he reminds me of my old mentor bishop Brock. I was truly touched by his words.

   So many members expressed their love to us. I was so thankful to have served here. Now please pray for me and Laumatia Choro as we go to Nonami. It will be an adventure. More on that next week. Also, I am now transfer 8. Only 8 transfers left. I can't believe it.

I love and miss you all, have a great start to a magical Christmas season.

Elder Cullen Watkins

PS: I'm emailing from the store again.

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