Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas in 'Nam!

Merry Christmas From Nagoya Japan! Love y'all!

Me as Santa san for the kids.

Ho Ho Ho! This is Santa san writing all the way from Japan!
I was just dressed as the big guy for 2 hours taking pictures with and giving gifts to the very little children (and their moms) at the church. It was tiring and fun. I've worked with kids a lot this weekend between the kids eikaiwa and the Christmas party and today. I think Japanese kids are the cutest! One little girl today even came up and talked to me a few times, but I had no idea what she was saying, lol, so dorbs!

Well this week was awesome, the Zone Leaders came to Nonami to help us find some investigators, and I got to work with my trainer elder TuAkoi. It snowed that day too so it was just like old times. We split into 2 pairs and walked and took trains to every hot spot in the area and covered a lot of ground. We knocked on doors and OYMed to people of all sizes, yes. And after much failure, we saw the miracle. The fruits of faith and works and a bit of kokan magic; we found 2 new investigators, my first ones in Nonami. It was a simple meeting of two random people, but it could have an eternal impact for many of God's children.
Me as Santa san for the kids.

Then on Saturday we had the Branch Christmas party. We put on a show with our Kid's Eikaiwa students and sang a song with another member, Soma shimai. Many people who were not members of the church or haven't been in a long time came and we had a huge feast. (So huge that they gave the left overs to us and they cover the tables of our apartments). Elder Tanner and I put on Santa suits and handed out candy to everyone there! It was so much fun.

  Arisaka Branch President came up and shared his testimony of the Savior and the true meaning of Christmas, and some musically talented members sang, in English, "What Child is This?" The Spirit of Christmas filled the room. Simply a fantastic and way fun evening.

  I know that Christ is the Savior, the gift that keeps giving. And He appeared to everyone including to us, and if you look around you you will see Him, in your family, your friends, the folks on the street, because we were created like Him. And He gave all He had for us. We missionaries have been studying "The Living Christ", I encourage you all to give that a read. I to testify that He is the light and life of the world, and He lives.
Santa Claus is commin'

   Well this week I look forward to Skype calling my family in SC. Being a missionary on Christmas is kind of sad, being away from family and stuff, but it is also a great opportunity to spread Christmas spirit in the most straightforward way there is.

 Well, Merry Christmas everyone, and have a happy new year!

Love and cheer,
Santa san
Santa bros!

Santa bros!
Presents for all!
Photos with kids

Photos with kids
Takatsuka Reindeer

Church Christmas feast on Saturday!

Kids at Christmas party!
Senkyoushi presents!
Santa san came!

Santa san came!
Who's back in black?

I got to kokan with my trainer! Soo awesome!

I got to work with my trainer elder TuAkoi.

Tanner wearing a stocking (he's special) lol!
found it at a store, lol!

Every Elder ever loves my Grandma for this reason.

Pooh and Kamen Rider together

Zone leaders making smores at the apartment.

Bedwell choro and Laumatia's smores.

Smores are very rare in japan.

Snow in Nonami

Very rare here, it was gone the next day.

Our new investigator!

For Grandaddy Parker

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