Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kariya Key Quest

Me and Johnson Choro going to rescue the Kariya boys.

What an action packed week!

  Friday we went on a Kokan and I was with a transfer 4 Elder Johnson
from Arizona. As usual, things got crazy. There's this strange Kokan
Magic were anything that can happen will. Well we were trying to find
the yakiniku resteraunt for lunch and we OYMed this guy, he invited us
into his house for tea. So we went and he talked with us for about
thirty minutes. Turns out he's a UFO watcher. We talked about God and
he invited us back over next week. That has never happened to me
before. Afterwards, Elder Johnson was like, "what just happened?" I was
like "Right?"

 Right after that we were still lost on our way to the restaurant
when we OYMed another man who said in effect, "You're a Mormon right?
Shut up and get outta here!" That has only happened to me once or
twice before. One of those times being in English. Then we happened
upon the indo curry restaurant instead of the yakiniku place. So we
were like "iin Ja nai?"(why not right?). So, we ate there.

Kokan are cray Z

  As we returned to the apartment to do some study, Elder Johnson
remembered that he forgot to give his companion, Elder Lenning, the
keys to their apartment in Kariya. We promptly informed our companions
of this and Elder Lenning was like, "Bruh, I need those" so we
straightway went to find them in Kariya, were they too were having
dinner at an Indian curry shop. We got back to Toyohashi just in time
to meet our investigator at the eki. It was nuts.

  We also finished helping the Taniguchi family move their furniture
to the new house the next morning. It reminded me of the many times
members helped my family move to a new house. It was fun and felt good
to give that service back.

The members are so nice. They gave us a ton of food this past Sunday.
They've also been inviting us over for dinner and FHE. The girl that
made the pizza is going to look for a new journal for me since she saw
us looking for one at the bookstore. And we went to a family's house
in the pouring rain and got soaked so they washed and dried our
clothes for us while we ate and even gave us a pair of socks to wear
home. The kindness of these people is almost without bounds and
surprises me all the time.

Sour cream and onion chips!

  In DTM we finished with a testimony meeting. I could feel the
spirit as I heard all the missionaries' testimonies and added my own
little piece, but the best was the last, our senior couple missionary
Sister Suzuki. With tears in her eyes she said in effect that all her
life she has admired the missionaries and appreciated the work they
do, but she never knew to what extent they sacrifice and try so hard
until she became one, and saw for herself. I was touched, indeed I
have felt the same way, and my respect for missionaries and the work
they do and the sacrifices they make has changed my life forever.

  There were few other miracles and indeed spiritual lessons which I
had the chance to be a part of, but let it suffice for me to say, this
is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ and I have come to know the love
He has for each and every one of us.

Happy Birthday to all they many birthday people in the month of
September including but not limited to Granddaddy Parker, Aunt Mandy,
Cousin Emily, and Great Granddaddy Dabbs!

Much love,
Elder Watkins
Toyohashi Ward
My Brazilian boy in Takaoka that we taught just got baptized by Elder
Dana! Wish I could've been there, but I'm glad I could be a part of
bringing Ali and his mom closer to Christ. Miracles happen.


Elder Johnson
Indo curry pday!

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