Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

The flowers are coming out!

We had transfer calls 1 week early. We were asked by President Yamashita to not tell the members or other missionaries until next week. None of us know why. Its all mysterious. But I think I can tell you guys. So, you wanna know? Any guesses? What will happen to Elder Watkins on his 11th transfer?
The Eikaiwa kids at the Kondos house.

Handing out gifts to the eikaiwa kids.

The Eikaiwa kids at the Kondos house.

You ready? Alright... I'm transferring! I am going to the Takaoka Ward in the Kanezawa Stake. It's up in Toyama-Ken right next to my old home in Nagano. Its on the other side of some huge mountains and really far away. I have to actually leave the mission to get there because there isn't a straight shot train to get there. Crazy right?

My new companion is a first time for me, he is from Brazil and doesn't speak English or Japanese very well yet. His name is Elder Miranda, he was also trained by my trainer Elder TuAkoi. I've met him before; he seems like a cool guy.

So kind of nervous about the communication. Everyone else in Nonami stayed the same. Elder Tallent is getting his first Japanese companion, so he's a little worried about communication too, but also excited.

I will stay in Nonami for 1 more week. It makes me think, knowing this is my last week, what can I do to give it all I can? I feel like I keep running into dead ends, but I want to leave this area having done something. So this week, I just want to pull out all the stops and OYM like crazy, and teach and share the gospel. I'm gonna hit the pavement of Nagoya and invite them all. I also want to see the members a lot too.

Last week we also had a graduation for the 6th graders in our Thursday kids Eikaiwa, did a kokan, and had a college acapella group come to Eikaiwa and sing, it was way good. And we were even able to find a new investigator from the Philippines! It was a good week.

Well please pray for me to have a good last week in Nonami, it may be hard but I do love this area and this work. I love you all too! Take care.

Elder Watkins
Kokan with Nilsson

Elder Nilsson

Big whale in park

Real Gold, a Coke a Cola product

Easter package from Grandma and Aunt Ashley!

Easter package from Grandma and Aunt Ashley!

Elder Tallent got some too!

New waterproof shoes!

It says Tallent, haha!


Shokujikai!!!! I haven't had one of those since Seto!

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