Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nonami's Got Tallent

The Nonami Kasugai District
Elder Nakamoto and Sister Grecco are going to the Toyama District with me!
Elder Nakamoto, Me, Nilsson, Akahori, Grecco Shimai, Thompson Shimai, Tallent, and Dana

It was a good week. It was strange knowing ahead of time that I am leaving and seeing everyone for the last time, but not being able to tell them. It felt like it was the end of my mission, in a way, since that's the only other time this happens.
Last Eikaiwa

  We went to a beautiful river with a member, Ichihashi Shimai, to see the Sakura trees in full bloom. They are so pretty! I remember seeing them everywhere last year in Nagano. There were also so many nice people there, everyone was in a good mood and tried speaking to us in English. It was fun!

   On Sunday we finally announced that I was transferring. I shared my testimony in fast and testimony meeting. I wasn't sure quite what to say. I simply said, "There weren't a lot of investigators, and I don't know if I was really able to help anyone here, but you all helped me. I have learned so much from you and my experiences here and it has made me better. I don't know if you will remember me, but I will never forget the Nonami Branch. Thank you, I love you all," followed by my Easter testimony. Really this branch is very strong, full of good people who want to serve the Lord, and they became a part of my mission family. As I gave my meishi cards out I noted all the people I'd spent a lot of time with, in their homes and at church, and it was almost all of them. And we had so many fun times including Christmas and Shogatsu. Many of them told me that they really liked me and were glad they could be my friends. The Primary also invited all of us to join in on their Easter egg hunt, which we hid about 82 eggs!
This kid is the coolest

   It's always a mixed bag of feelings with transfers. when I look back on these three transfers in Nonami, I first think that I wasn't able to do what I wanted to do. But then I think of the pictures from this time, I had many great experiences. I saw an Apostle, I got to work with my trainer again, I got to work with my good friend Elder Tanner, and I made friends with the members. I learned from all of those things. But I also learned from the trials, patience and how to be bold amongst other things. I still have a lot of fears and weaknesses, but I learned how to face some of those fears and do what the Lord wants done. To put it simply, Nonami taught me more things than I was able to teach them. And I am so humbled and so thankful for that.
Me :)

   I am also thankful for my companion, Elder Tallent. He's still a young missionary, doesn't know much Japanese, but he tries his best. He is very different from me, but we had fun and he taught me a few things. It was good working with him.

    Well here I go again, bags packed, bike over my shoulder, off to the far away land of Takaoka. It will be very different from my past 3 areas. Very large, lots of country, and some old school Japan stuff. It's very exciting, but that's only half the adventure.

Thanks as always for the prayers and the love. I wish you all a very happy Easter. Next week we shall watch General Conference. I look forward to hearing the words of the Prophet.

Keep the faith,
Elder Cullen Watkins

Happy Birthday to my old comp Elder Yamada!
31 ice cream!!!!

Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt

American cake left from the Shimai

On Primary board.
Paul Tallent
Paul Tallent

Warm spring day


Flowers :)

Hanami with Ichihashi Shimai

Hanami with Ichihashi Shimai

Pretty flower

Kirei kieri!
We took a ton of pictures!

Ichihashi Shimai

Cute kids!

Fun times

Yeah there are only so many captions.

Shadows of us


This lady is sooo wonderful!


This is my last time to see these on my mission.

Kids playing.

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