Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Transfer 10: That Special Feeling

Izumi Shimai got baptized!

Izumi Shimai and Toki Shimai

Izumi Shimai and Ichihashi Shimai

It was another Spirit filled weekend as the other Elder's investigator got baptized! She is a young lady who was studying with the sisters before and has been coming to church ever since August. That's a long time. She was baptized by her boyfriend who is from New Zealand, so he did the baptism in English. She speaks English too so it was cool.

This was my first time going to a convert baptism in Japan. We had no idea what to do to set up haha. We cleaned the font last Monday before Elder Tanner left for Yokkaichi the next day and our new teammate elder Nilsson came.

Everyone was in a fluster before the baptism, it was like a wedding was about to happen! But when the time came, we were able to relax and remember the covenants we ourselves made at baptism. As we sang the opening hymn, "Families can be together forever", I began to feel that special feeling that I remember feeling on many occasions in the chapel in the Conway South Carolina Ward. It was the Spirit bearing witness to me that we are all children of God. And I felt, in that chapel in Nonami, love everywhere from everyone for this young woman who they've become friends with and helped for the past several months as she entered into those waters and chose to follow the Savior. And then we were privileged to hear her testimony, of how she may not understand quite everything, but she knows it's true. You can see the difference. And there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

On Sunday I felt that feeling again as I was honored for my first time that I can recall, to stand in the circle of priesthood holders and fellow elders as her boyfriend also gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost.
No idea what I'm doing

And another miracle; Elder Tallent and I met a man this week who was interested in coming to church and said we could come back and visit him. Then unexpectedly he came to the baptismal service and was able to meet many of the members and had a chance to feel the spirit. He said this was different from his image of a christian church, but he would like to come by again sometime. Pretty cool you could say.

Well this still wasn't "my" baptism, but that is not what's important, the important thing is that it was her baptism. And now another daughter has entered the gate leading back home to Heavenly Father. For me, I just have to help the other people find their way there, so this transfer we are going to work harder and teach and testify so we can bring at least one soul closer to Christ.

Alright you guys, have a wonderful week! I always include you people in my prayers.
Elder Watkins :)
If we just had some scrubbin bubbles...

Cleaning the font

Cleaning the font

Cleaning the font

Water in the church
Kentucky with the elders

went to Kentucky on Chicken day

Kentucky with the elders
Elder Nilsson has arrived! Incidentally, all 3 of us were comps with Elder Yamada, haha!
"We have the same bike?!"
Saying bye to Elder Tanner
Found an old shrine in the rain

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